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  1. I love this one...it's got that My Bloody Valentine vibe on it. what color is this up close?
  2. it's nice to be back in here! @brandon: nice set of guitars man! it's good that you've stayed in the forum and somehow have been able to adjust/blend with the folks around here...also that Sheraton's hot! (wish i had a wife and a daughter that gives guitars for presents) @hnb: nice collection man!!! you seriously need to get a guitar stand/hanger(in any form imho)though. if you're not gonna take good care of those babies then you'll have to send me those jag-stangs as an act of mercy. id love to adapt those and buy them some guitar stands/bags @mad-mike: you made a simple guitar look cool with those stickers @everyone else new & old in the forum: hi!
  3. been lost in the circulation for a couple of months now...I'm glad to be back. I also saw this one at the Fender site and I was blown away: first the Blacktop Series, then the Vintage Modified Squiers...now this: major offset GAS!!!
  4. sad to say - I very much agree on this what happened to Japan sucks man
  5. the King of Squier Super Sonic Modding speaks.... listen true believers
  6. i have one. the Super Sonic is indeed 24" but re: modding to a strat neck im not pretty sure on that. the Sonic's neck is too pretty to mess with in the first place...and id definitely not mess with it because: a.) its already good as it is, b.)rarity of the Japanese Squier, c.) its current market value. id rather mod a jagmaster for that kind of experiment here's a link of a Sonic being sold in evilbay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Squier-Super-Sonic-Vista-Series-Japan-Rare-/290538055175?pt=Guitar&hash=item43a56ae607
  7. so they are alive...finally saw them on evilbay for real ...price = $299.99, check these out: squier jazzmaster(butterscotch blonde) http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Squier-Vintage-Modified-Jazzmaster-Special-/290537158285?pt=Guitar&hash=item43a55d368d squier jaguar(fiesta red) http://cgi.ebay.com/Fender-Squier-Vintage-Modified-Jaguar-HH-Fiesta-Red-/280633718664?pt=Guitar&hash=item415712b788
  8. hmmm...Musicmaster? ...your probably referring to the stoptail. I think the Jagmaster is a more fitting comparison(before a Jaguar). Anyway I really LOVE the Butterscotch Jazzy
  9. Jaguar The guitars are "Crafted in Indonesia" as seen in the demo...the Jaguar looks like a bastard son of the Cyclone(pickups) and the Jagmaster(overall shape and features). They should have called it the "Jag-clone" or something
  10. agreed to this...but it's also a fact that most kids are attracted to old school strats & teles (supply and demand) Back on the topic, here's some demo clips of the upcoming Squier Jaguar and Jazzmaster: Jazzmaster
  11. FINALLY!!! something new to add variety on my collection(and still offset)...id love to add that jazzmaster on my collection. the classic/original Fender models are always better but God these are beautiful!!!...i find them more attractive than the blacktop series guitars. So what if it's Squier? So what if it's a stoptail? These guitars can be used in a different style. I also feel that these are better than the Xaviere models. If only Fender released their Blacktop series in this colors... Anyway Squier has always been the best thing nearest to a Fender. GAS IS KICKING AGAIN!!!!
  12. justin beiber is one. he is a f*#k!!! one happy man in the house...hmm starting to like them blacktops
  13. back to the 90's...Gin Blossoms night (lol!)

  14. liking the title of this thread...it's got a pretty ring to it...hmmm "intonation frustration"
  15. cheers people, its happy hell-oween daterape time!!! its time to dress up ala The Crow...lame movie to watch tonight: Piranha 3d

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