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  1. well, goodluck on that. its worth a try i think... everytime i play this beast it makes me want to smash things ( i love playing it for the heavier post-hardcore stuff)
  2. that's the reason the punks buy them in pawnshops. thanks to sonic youth's resourcefulness. same story as the Squier Vista guitars and their present day ahem - 'value'...but if you're time travelling you probly end up buying flying v's and japanese lawsuit guitars
  3. i never knew "neat-cute" and "diy-punk" can co-exist with each other til this pic! lovely man! just saw this post. sorry man im not selling any of my guitars
  4. wow nice pickups!!!...and whoa...additional switches ...the pickguard's funny though (i hope it's not permanent)
  5. what are you waiting for? I command you to buy that right away! LOL! and yummmmm......black+tort = always a win there's only a few guys in this forum who are into Toronados so better join the brigade man
  6. Lazy day, sleepy & scheming how to permanently destroy facebook

    1. LeftyInNeedTypical


      Invent another social network, facebook killed Myspace! hahaha

    2. paltic


      never liked social networking sites and the #### obsession...at least myspace focuses on the music

    3. LeftyInNeedTypical


      We are social networking now technically. But its better here because its about something music related.

  7. guys i was asking on your 'fair' price opinion. im not asking for the current price or market value or the history of it because im aware of such stuff. im just asking for what you think should be the fair price as of today. fyi i already have a jaguar and im putting together a partscaster hence im curious about the 'fair' price. thanks
  8. i envy you man...i must say you've made the 'mature' decision i'd choose that gig any day among those bands. im a fan of drummers as well and Stewart Copeland's playing is just one of the few that makes me go...."whoooaaa". i'd die to see him play-live. I even bought that crazy Oysterhead project by Copeland with Trey Anastasio & Les Claypool in early 2000 because i really miss his playing. Now i only get to hear him thru his ringtone compositions in Blackberry oh....got the msg man. i guess i overreacted with d' dream...my next unsolicited advise is get some nice sleep
  9. i definitely voted for the hi-flyer. i really prefer the white one over all of the given models
  10. ^this. follow your dream man...stick to that idea while saving money for that stuff. if you're impatient, you can just buy the best available thing in your local shops/area.also avoid looking other stuff (while chasing that dream)because this will distract you. know what you really want and dream - err.. firmly there's always a 'future' so keep focused on that dream
  11. mentioned this on my post nice!!! never seen these before
  12. obviously i voted for the super sonic. i really love my blue sparkle
  13. congrats man, this looks nice!!!...however there's a huge resemblance with the new Blacktop models (this one's got the classic knobs with a better headstock than the new ones) you should sue fender or claim royalties for the design idea (wait, which came first your build or the Blacktops?)
  14. hey guys, i know about Ishibashi's pricing(the shipping charge sucks though) and the CIJ jag's price 5-8 yrs. ago. I was just asking for what do you(sujectively) think should be its 'fair' price---at the present time...and the reason why it should be on that price. i also got my first jag for roughly $500 way back. today, most evilbay bidders have raised their bars. thanks
  15. with all the price changes, issues, etc. in the market---what do you think should this thing cost? just want to know the opinion of the jag kids(..and kids at heart) all around the globe...
  16. fender jaguar is my new/old cocaine

  17. an original U.S. vintage jazzmaster w/ block bounded neck (white/black with tort) an original fender custom telemaster trey anastasio's custom languedoc guitar (any of those designs) jeff becks's strat (seafoam green) johnny marr's rickenbacker 330 johnny marr's jaguars (black w/ stickers & all white) johnny marr's les paul(goldtop) john frusciante's jaguars(turquoise & fiesta red) matt bellamy's custom manson guitars(w/ kaoss pad)
  18. got the encyclical from the Squier pope...i also never knew this. thanks for the info man
  19. yeah, i agree with you - plus this is the dream guitar for the modders...a lot of alternative guitarist buy a jazzy and mod it anyway by changing the pickups or putting masking tapes on the rhythm controls(probably because its busted or to avoid using that 'thing') its also an s.o.p. to put hb on the bridge(the only difference in this case its because its a jazzy not a mustang)
  20. im starting to like the new jag after watching the demo
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