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  1. dude, are you serious with this question? most of us here only have one or two of these treasured stuff...you don't need the Squier Vista Club 'cause your already royalty in this...in fact you're like the Official Pope of the Squier Vista Vatican(a fitting title indeed..seriously!) I'll pray on your altar of Vista guitars any day...
  2. the jag trem was meant to really touch the strings while playing/strumming...that's why the jazzys and jags are good for shoegaze/surf music(taking advantage of that set-up)and its effect...listen to my bloody valentine, j mascis or nels cline and see what i mean
  3. the blacktop jazzy's not routed for the rhythm circuit controls/slider switch...that's the difference from the cp(aside from the bridge humbucker & simplified decal)...saw the body being sold separately on evilbay in other news....the Blacktop Series's finally on the Fender site(Now Official)
  4. very niiiiice! this is the one i've been looking for in evilbay. how much was the damage?
  5. ^ very s. pumpkins i think this is a good configuration if you're really buying some lace pickups...and yeah, the gold's really clean. i was able to play that on a guitar before
  6. its unique in its general form/shape. well in the end of the day everyone(imo)loves a strat and it's versatility. There's no real rule in life anyway...you can love 'heavy metal' guitars, offset guitars and the regular strat if you want to - all at the same time and you may not. i see nothing wrong with that. so "go" and get a strat if you want one i feel that someday i'll get one too
  7. heard about them, originally from the US, now also importing from Korea.they make unique hybrids of jag+tele...i think the Billy Corgan is endorsing these guitars with the new pumpkins line-up...they look quite nice
  8. suddenly have an itch for a jag-stang guitar bec. of these pics
  9. agree on this. it looks very neat and the combination's rarely seen...hmmm so it works just fine(pearl & white)
  10. ^your guitars are really pretty. why did you let go of that jazzy?
  11. Recent Status Update's in The Diary Thread...lol!

  12. hey President yes i still have the stock pickups on my Super Sonic(never bothered to replace them at all)...I'm really happy with them at the moment...the neck pickup's cover got smashed a bit but they're still pretty decent, functonal and 'ok' for my taste at the moment...but im open to change i honestly don't know how they would compare to a Vista Jagmaster pickup 'cause i never had a chance to try one.(but i would'nt doubt over the quality of Squier Vista pickups 'cause they are Japanese specs) I watched some vids in youtube 'bout chinese jagmster pickups being replaced(the stock pickups sound 'ok' to me - well probably depends on the year Squier made them) and i never seem to hear the difference after.well its's actually all up to you...its what sounds good to your ear and its where you feel satisfied/comfortable. goodluck and keep us posted & informed with updates on this matter
  13. this model always pop on ebay for about $400-$500 mark. i don't know why folks keep on selling 'this' model. i actually dig this design'cept for the tailpiece...a little modding with a red tort plus single coil jaguar pickups...hmmm yummy if you could buy that guitar - it will surely be worth the money because it's a better jag hh than the new blacktop series imo...its def. closer to the real thing...BUT first i would suggest you get a second opinion and look at evilbay too. you may be able to buy a cheaper/less than $500 CIJ offset guitar if you're lucky enough. id buy a Mexican Duo Sonic given that kind of tight budget. goodluck
  14. you got so much time in your hands....you used to look like the kurdt on the pics above...now with that crazy hat-crown you look like some silly les claypool
  15. enough raving on wadeaminute's guitar collection. the guy picks money on his yard trees (curse you poverty!!! )...now what to we have here? nice telemaster/jazzcaster man! is that a modded xaviere or self-built? if you can't sleep with those littered all around your place, i can pm you my address so you can ship some of those to me ...just want to help you get some sleep
  16. though i don't listen too much of s.p. anymore, yes that song rocks...and still is memorable(esp. the fading/echoing end of the song)
  17. ^ everything said above's right Solo - Metallica's One, Pearl Jam's Alive, Pantera's Cemetery Gates Anti-solo - Sonic Youth's Bull in the Heather, Korn's Got the Life, Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone now define: Led Zep's Whole Lotta Love, Smashing Pumpkin's Drown and Radiohead's Paranoid Android :lol:
  18. haven't heard nate's raving on these guitars(yet)...im still stoked with these stuff - till now dude if you ever get poor in the future, you know where to pm me
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