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  1. due to your persistence in reviving the hype & the greatness of this guitar, i think you deserve the title now lol!
  2. ^Harmony Central Forum. one day i was looking at evilbay for cheap jazzys then stumbled into this...to further verify the validity(of such blacktop series), i googled and found these links(my first post on this thread) i checked on fender.com and it's still not available. it was first speculated that this was a hoax but later verified to be true... ...well economics & kfc strategies
  3. already in evilbay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=310246880804&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  4. ^this made me look for a toronado fran used to be the king of the cool toronado...now he's the prince of BCR darkness
  5. real dream = my bloody surfcaster
  6. you got the Toronado spelling right... well here's mine:
  7. 'raped' i agree that nothing beats the jm classic player and yeah i can see the jagmaster resembance but it has a certain appeal for some people. i personally dig the jm...the jags suck though(its not worth calling 'jaguar')
  8. ...and for the awesome price and limited run(soon a discontinued model) = win
  9. wtf? is this for real? new/unannounced cheaper Fender guitars (MIM) read on: http://newmusicgear.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/new-fender-black-top-series-guitars/ http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2654154
  10. man, where do you live? ill stalk you
  11. how much did it cost you?...where are you getting the red? hey these guitars are supposed to be rare? ...and you're buying them like soda in a vending machine
  12. nice collection man! its sweet to see the pic. doing all the talking. i can see your impressive collection of modified super sonics as well. i really envy you...a blue sparkle fin. (like mine) w/ strat pickups? hmmmm....would love to hear you play this the problem's that this thread's specifically about nate's hybrid build
  13. Most BCRs are ugly as fuck. The only one I would buy from them is a mockingbird. Those are beautiful. i personally don't like BCRs but i wouldnt call them 'ugly'...and fvck's not ugly, fvck's beautiful man -but i must say for the record: fran and nate's hype on these stuff is contagious
  14. pretty guitars man!...drooling over that cool Maverick
  15. ...cool. then post some pics. the idea reminds me of a Squier 51 guitar (or maybe the 80s Fender Bullet)
  16. ^i know that info. its just cheaper than the rare-expenssive Charvels...these copies are endangered species theselves(well i think)
  17. They are little Yin & Yangs They are a symbol that has been really big in my life. Anyway this is my dream guitar. It's name is Saldo which in Polish means Balance which Yin and Yang is associated with ;O you already have it so it's now 'not' you dream guitar that's deep man - for the inlays i mean...again to each his own but personally don't dig the stickers. how many guitars do you have? i remember seeing your mustang in a diff. thread
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