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  1. Very nice! How hard was it to build your own guitar? Hey HNB, it wasn't really that hard, But there are a few things that I messed up with it, like I routed the neck pocket to deep, but this was my first build all by my self. I built a guitar after this one and it came out great, it is just like most things, it takes practice and you learn from your mistakes. how long did it take for to finish this? how old is this guitar?
  2. nice guitar man do you really have plans to mod this thing?
  3. give in. do not resist the force..there is less guilt in mutilating cheaper guitars ...some have wives, some have girlfriends...some have wives & girlfriends(if you know what i mean)
  4. now that sounds likt the Bilt pseudo-marauder guitars with the built-in effects....hmmm. curious. curious any pics man?
  5. i will lick your guitar nate this is awesome!
  6. yup rob. ive seen this before, in here from previous posts. ive been thinking about modding a squier jagmaster to still have that fender-feel but the xaviere model just saves you from all of that hassle - on expenses and hardwork...instant tele-tubby this i need - simple, fun and cheap
  7. mtv. van halen's fancy hair & jumping, slash's smoking cigarette, dave navarro's tattoed fingers with black nail polish, billy corgan's nasal whine on a tight leather pants in real life: i went for the guitar because i can't sing. everyone in music class(back in grade school) was required to sing then...the teacher gave a condition that its either you sing or play an instrument---the guitar was the obvious easy choice(due to its availablity and plain coolness) i played bass during highschool because everybody wants to be the guitar rockstar and the bass playing was mostly overlooked and underrated. but since my brother started to play the bass and became famous with it, i shifted to the guitar. to sum it up: its something done for the animals. back in school, it was the escapegoat for a lot of reasons. it's because i was a chicken to academics or sports. now, its all for the chicks, skunks, beavers & pussies (like nate said) got my fender guitars when i got a real job
  8. good for you mate now sounding nu-metallish: sup dawg, that phat geetar has a phat sound! how much did you stash for this? the Mex right? don't forget to post droolimage and make us high...
  9. i will sound bratty now....i want a fvckin jazzcaster or a telefvckinmaster or whatever that stupid looking hybrid of jazzmaster and telecaster: i want to be russian as well.....want! want! want!
  10. somebody buy this fast: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320578568975 silver sparkle goodness
  11. ^spontaneous philosopher you are...may the force be with you
  12. it appears that Frusciante is the RHCP-sound because most of their known hits were written with him. his low profile personality just contrasts with the holywood-suck-my-dick vibe of Keidis & Flea
  13. I have to agree, one of the best albums of the 90's. But I did like One Hot Minute. I haven't liked much of what they have done since then. 20 years is a long time to be dropping in quality. Almost as bad as Metallica, IMO they haven't done much worth listening to since And Justice... One Hot Minute used to be my most favorite album of all time...and a lot of people did'nt dig this due to the heavy, trippy, Jane's Addiction-ish sound. I think that the Flea-Dave Navarro combo is one of the best team-ups in rock music(kinda like Les Claypool-Trey Anastasio compatilbilty imho) they just naturally gel And Justice ... was badass even with 'not so apparent' basslines. The mixing of the album really blows but I still dig this over Master of Puppets
  14. The smaller you dream, the more chance there is that you will find true happiness i agree to this
  15. being a Primus fan, this id love to see Hey Paltic, I just put up two pic's of the bass, its a pretty bad camera phone pic but it will at least give you a idea of what it looks like. dude cant find the pics in your myspace pages. can you just post it in here or give me a link?
  16. well goodluck on your purchase man
  17. ^now this is post-worthy. thanks, this made my day
  18. Wilson Philips - from 'sexy & wholesome' to 'fat & pornographic'
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