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  1. I used to think that way too esp. Dave Navarro came in (which I think was technically far superior that JF)...Dave made me pick the guitar and quit playing the bass I used to think that Californication was 'wimpy' but after years of listening to that album esp. with the memories, experiences embedded with that 'simple, not so technical Peppers' music, it made a special place in my heart. It has a certain maturity level to it (and way much easier to play ) with less is more. Funk Rock or Funk Metal has been so overplayed over the years that bands like Phish, Living Colour, Screaming Headless Torsos, early Incubus just sounded too 'generic' at jam-times hence the Peppers had to innovate and approach their music in a different way(and capitalize on Under the Bridge-melodicism and success)...they quit on copying Jimi Hendrix funk and went for the Durutti Column post-punk sound they may suck now, but they earned a Grammy over this and earned more money
  2. hahahaha, i know what you mean by that nate i think we're of the same batch and the early 90s seem very 'retro' now esp. with that drastic shuffling of fashion trends and imagery per album they've made....and 'gasp' long curly haired Billy
  3. hey can you pls. read all of my comments? c'mon guys its not that serious esp. in this forum. Ive been in a fistfight before in here so ive mellowed down a bit and stopped taking reactions seriously. Seriously, i dont care about respect or manners, i just love to voice out my opinions in whatever way i can chill guys, its a waste of time to 'really' fight...everything i was saying was just a 'tease'
  4. when I read that, I fell off the sofa. <33 dude im not taking everything here as serious as you think im taking it. you love capt. beefheart so that makes us friends as well --- i just love to argue and piss on pongo
  5. ...and talking back at old men give you manners? ---DUH?
  6. ok i stand corrected young man(as if i did'nt know your amazing trivia..sigh sarcasm)...whatever makes you sleep and scratches your itchy nose ill have to sleep now, goodnight pongo!
  7. oh scoreboard uber-cool...Tag-team Wrestling Champions ala Tito Santa & Rick Martel - priceless
  8. its good that i made someone happy
  9. i was not forcing anyone to like the band and i don't even care about it. This thread is about "MY" favorite jaguar players so i posted some pics of my personal faves well a lot of people have contrasting opinions, likes & dislikes and it's very easy/convenient for some to drop the word 'awful'...i dig 'awful' bands....no need to justify furthermore
  10. ze monsta is too cool for manners...his taste is superior and on top of the food chain. ill have to agree on all his points and never disagree again(curse you free will)...he is the most perfect human being besides thom yorke oh, i have to go & take a poop now
  11. ^oooooh bad guys & a scoreboard...scarrrry, so awesome and classy. so there's a contest huh? ok id like give you a star and a throphy mr. winner! go mr. opinion im cheering for your ass. come back when you've developed some taste
  12. ^whatever suits you man...think the way you want to think i dont need to prove my point for you. i don't need to sound geeky and exact in everything (soundwise), i am just clearly appreciating both artists' music---thats the bottomline
  13. its not a comparison cause nothing compares to Neu!..what i meant was - the vibe reminds me of the band that guitar is very versatile...I saw a bunch of Jaguars being thrown in the air in The Wave Goodbye Tour of Nine Inch Nails when they had their concert here in the Philippines...hell even Club 8 had that same instrument when they came here
  14. i like it as it is. the gold pickguard looks cool with that cream body..the only thing worth upgrading are the tuners and maybe the pickups
  15. got the inspiration and recommendation from you man...its the first offset guitar that stood out for me because its got an image of its own, and easily be idetifiable as a "Fran sig guitar" ...well for me thats your mark, if not in the guitar world, in the internet world i think you're the only guy endorsing this thing. everytime i google this thing, your name appears on most of the links. i remeber browsing into your old myspace page and saw that background pic of yours with a red fender strap and that guitar(awesome pic btw)... and that temporary asylum vid made me drool
  16. that painted guitar reminds me of Paisley rock: i got what Disappearer is pointing out..i think he was refering to Clapton's current material...he used to be praise-worthy(he still is and can be called a God w/ his old stuff) but after several years he just went to that 'pop' thingy and kept on making re-hashes of Layla like Sting doing that Symphonicities thing...i think he's not not really a total crap ...still Sleater-Kinney is the way people!
  17. one of my favorite local guitarist - Diego Castillo(of Filipino band - Sandwich)...you can also check his rig with those nice "extra" guitars - Kurdt Fender Mustang and a Telecaster Thinline Sandwich's other guitarist - Mong Alcaraz with a Fender Toronado...and below with his other guitars(Squier Vista Jagmaster, Ibanez Talman, etc.)
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