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  1. listened to your samples---i love your stuff!!! reminds me of throbbing gristle, neu!, aphex twin, radiohead, even john frusciante/omar rodriguez's electronic stuff and more...i love that ambient robotic noises i used to dream of doing this kind of stuff and experimented on pc softwares like Cakewalk and Fruity loops' samples & noises good choice on the guitar man
  2. " the actual selling price here in local shops ranges from (converted to USD) $450-$500...you can get them from evilbay at about $330 w/ free shipping in U.S. The price is worth it if you're from the U.S. The guitar indeed looks beautiful(nevermind that its Made in China)...I'd buy something that's used in a lower price, mod it and rape the hell out of it til it becomes a Japanese Squier (just kidding)
  3. Hybrid guitars seem redundant at times but hey they
  4. way too difficult to get a drink in here, lol
  5. the jag is a Japanese re-issue, sorry for the "not so clear" imagery...what do you mean by rrr cp?
  6. Just saw two awesome 80's Fender Bullet on evil bay while searching for a Surfcaster.... The first one looks 'mint'. Everything seems 'stock' though it still looks like a plain Squier Bullet Strat with that body. I prefer the one with tele-body. The pick-ups look like that of the Mustangs/Duo Sonics. As for the price, for a 30 yrs old mint instrument it seems fair...$400+....i just don't know if its worth the sound and playability but its definitely a collector's item. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... K:MEWAX:IT as for the 2nd one, it looks road worn and the pick-up upgrades look sweeeeet! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... K:MEWAX:IT ill get the last one if i have the cash. someone in the forum should pls. get this...
  7. guitars: CIJ Fender Jaguar, MIK Fender Toronado GT HH, CIJ Squier Super Sonic effects: Ibanez LU20 tuner, Digitech Whammy pedal, Boss DS-2, Electroharmonix Russian Big Muff, MXR Phase 90, Boss CH-1, Line 6 Echo Park
  8. It's cleaning day for me I have to change their g-strings, put lubricants inside and make them feel 'new' My sexy chicks: Kylie(the classic, CIJ Fender Jaguar), Britney(the fat panty-less one, MIK Fender Toronado GT HH) & Miley(the glammy; CIJ Squier Super Sonic)
  9. the edge's nose? i did'nt know this man I thought he was just that much into 80's postpunk bands during that time with the 'the' on their names like: The Smiths, The The, etc. He used to be cool...i think that edgyboy lost his touch when he ran out of chimmey riffs...look at how much he struggled to finish that 'get on your boots' riff in the It Might Get Loud vid
  10. well i think that ends well you know even with the height of our sick arguements i already considered you as friends and added you guys as 'friends'....i don't know i just feel like drinking with you guys already, smoking and barfing on amps, y' know ...as for the 'age' thing...im like the same age with robbmonster. but yeah i think that age is actually irrelevant at this pt.(while im sober ) I still sound like justinfvckerbeiber at times man
  11. The fact you are new means you should come onto the forum in a nice way and make a good impression. Much like you would do at all the important functions you attend now you are not in high school anymore? How old are you anyway? For someone who is saying they are older than all of us. You are an absolute fool. I think rather than an apology; you should wait a few days and cool off a bit before you come on her posting again. I think your comments have been unnecessary in certain places and you need to understand that is not what you do. you are now grounded. now #### off. when did i say im oder than you mr. gilmourish? i was clearly refering to 22yr. old smut. yes im doing time now and enjoy #### off... and who are you to say that my comments are unnecessary? i can voice my opinions when i want to. im not even fighting with you right now, arguments and comments are spontaneous combustible fire...im just keeping my cool right now
  12. ok i would like to apologize for the sick, harsh & crazy statements i made earlier im retracting these sick words. sincerely, i dont want to fight so peace to you smut
  13. just follow your heart man and be confident with you're playing... there are many good designs out there
  14. i kinda like the appearance of this guitar and yes i will also buy something that's used for this Squier.it looks beautiful, just don't know about the sound
  15. No, I can't, that's how come I possess the ability to post on this forum. Come to think of it, I don't know how I was reading some William S. Burroughs earlier today or how I am a fan of literature, unlike yourself...apparently. Well no, it's obvious you are not a fan of literature, have poor grammar/communication skills. So, whose really the ignoramus here? I simply don't care enough to finish reading your paragraph, but based on your response I probably won't bother to read a word of your next post. Your comment made little sense and hardly related to anything I said. You misunderstood what I communicated with you, so even though you hate reading, reread what I previously wrote. Bah, you simply wouldn't understand what such a "kid," like myself has to say. You're too old and senile, I'll narrow it down for you. Do you really thing regulars here, care about KC or Nirvana? Do you really think all we've done for years and years is flap our jaws about Kirt Kibain and his Jag-stang? Do you really think we don't get sick of hearing about Kirt and his magnificent JS? Watch your mouth son. You're too disrespectful to your dad now!...what an ungrateful little piece of ####. You are reading William S. Burroughs? ...oooh so smartass...So what? Do you think that makes you intelligent? Check your sentence construction with the 'way too many' commas and tell me you're literate or articulate enough...Adapting to anyone's idea does not make you literate. The author's work ain't yours now matter how you quote them. You are way too unoriginal to think for yourself probably. I don't care about Kurt Cobain so shove your guitar up on your ass and shut up!!! You're grounded son....now don't disturb me and you're mom. we're about to sleep now
  16. most guys with the 'J's on their first name are gods: Jimi Hendrix Frank Zappa John Mclaughlin Johnny Marr John Frusciante Dave Navarro Jeff Buckley Jerry Cantrell Mike Einziger Omar Rodriguez Josh Homme Nels Cline Matt Bellamy
  17. yeah, i am a big fan. i have most of his works. i really used to listen to Niandra la des when I was in College, the late 90's
  18. hahahahaha ..and you're in the jag-stang forum?(like myself)...: Didn't read past this, you are very obviously new here. Does common sense really tell you that everyone on this forum would sit here and obsess about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana? Every single member here constantly for years and years? My common sense tells me that we would all bash everyone who holds that band/person in such high regards. can't you read? im not a big fan myself...your common sense tells you your ignorant...bash? how primitive is that? fvck your frat jock sensibility..just because im new? wtf, im way older than you kid.just because you have a different opinion does not make you 'the' better person. This aint highschool
  19. i find the classic vibe re-issued Squier Duo Sonic visually appealing...anyone have a take on this?
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