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  1. hahahahaha ..and you're in the jag-stang forum?(like myself)...I myself was not a Nirvana(more of a Pumpkin fan) during the 90's and was more into the vein of "Dave Navarro guitar playing & masturbation" back then. I hate them instantly because they were so popular back then and I felt that the band we're just not that 'technical' and does not have 'substance' in my taste during that time...but now that I'm older I know now and understand more about the man - and respect him more now...im not saying that im a fan of his guitar playing now, i just love his taste & fire for the underground and indie bands(promoting the Vaselines or the Pixies), his punk loner spirit(ala barrett, frusciante), his d.i.y. approach in modding/mutilating cheap pawnshop guitars to make them sound better(that part made me think of Jack White) and his help in uplifting the aesthetic love for the offset guitars...i hope you get my point...he helped madethe Sonic Youth sound and ways a standard household name so he killed himself for doing that bad thing
  2. do you envy catfights? we can have one too if your jealous
  3. No one is forcing you to stay now i'll have to agree with that last statement rob...and yeah we're cool now, i dont have to expound my thoughts on the first few statements i made in here....forums are for opinions anyways no matter how dull our conversation was at least we're talking
  4. I used to like BCR's, but I currently pretty much hate em and prolly won't be reconverted anytime soon.... what happened?
  5. Doesn't he step on a vintage Airline guitar in that? yeah he did...he can even screw'em up esp. now that he can afford to buy-destroy-buy guitars he's kinda like the kurt cobain of airline&gretsch guitars imho
  6. i agree with the girly, someone should try to make one, that'll be cheaper...probably minus those fancy built-in effects
  7. yeah just watched that too the other day, he's a good experimental guy
  8. you're wrong fran. the sponge bob guys have the seafoam green finish...this is Dora's signature (just kidding)... I say go and build that thing man
  9. hahaahaha yeah, i dont even get it how it all came to this...its just suppose to be a Jet King appreciation thread and robb keeps on pissing on my thoughts from guitar chops to Omar guitar worshipping we just like to fight like little kids do. he feels his Squiers are really superior over any of my opinions Now don't get me wrong. I love Jimi Hendrix and his Fender Strats too ok nuff fighting. we can just get this over with a drink sometime rob
  10. I'll take the strat, mainly because of the versatility. I don't care how 'alternative' I look when I'm playing it. The flip side to that is that people played strats long before Hendrix ever did, but no one ever played an Omar guitar until Omar did. If you try to follow, you fail, but deliberately trying to be different is also a recipe to fail. I wish people would just choose the guitar that sounds best and feels nicest to play rob, we're in the jag-stang forum so there's room for alternative guitar, vanity, etc...the bottomline is this forum is for a bunch of guys who are really into offset guitars, who love 'that' look...the influence, the sound varies a bit but that's it we just dig that 'alternative' shape far away from the standard strat or tele shape...and there's only one real Fender Stratocaster, not a Squier Strat or any other copy guitar Strat out there...get my point man? ...and no one's failing or dying
  11. lol... I don't see any difference in playing a signature guitar and a normal one, Wait! I found one it's suited to my exact needs... "copying" Omar, that very idea is just retarded. anyone who was a big enough omar fan would know better than to copy him. I like all omars stuff but still I would never even attempt to rip him off . I got his guitar because its a really good guitar at a good price and it looks #### Sick (my favourite colours). besides I like offsets and I was already looking into jet kings before I found out about the ORM1. Im no worse than the people who buy a strat and just play Jimi Hendrix covers, at least im TRYING to play some original music. just for the record my band sounds nothing like TMV or ATDI, it's influence can be heard im not going to deny that. Do i really need any more proof that it's at the very least an awesome looking guitar. I've changed the PU out of it so it sounds incredible, and i love the way it plays... so your saying i should not have bought it just because omar played it... am I missing something here. Have fun playing in 4/4 for the rest of your life... got your point man...i think that's a cuter take on this - hendrix strats for the masses against the omar guitar-weilding geeks. ill take omar's In the end - nothing is real, everything's permitted...today fender offsets tomorrow kokocasters bwahahaahaha :lol: :evil:
  12. is it just me but everytime i look at a jagstang or this design prototype of yours i can see a naked woman's body....hmmmm sexy the jagstang's got a big butt, your woman's got a big hip props for being brave and 'creative' ...i'll try to design something with the sagging boob-lady, call it my own unique design and name it the Li-ger(half lion, half tiger)
  13. whoa...its like a multiple life-divorce of an immortal ...talk about good memories with an ex
  14. Robmonster, I'm with ya. We hear that a musician's touch is everything...then we hear debates about what species of wood produces a certain tone. As a relative newcomer to electric guitar, I've wondered how experienced musicians can hear the differences between different wooden bodies & necks (much less between between Nitro and Poly finish). Especially when there are so many additional variables that affect the sound. I'm learning tons about pickups and pots, bridges and nuts, strings...amps, solid state or tube, amps' controls, speakers, cables...you get the picture. The September 2010 issue of "Vintage Guitar Magazine" has an article comparing the tones produced by eleven different 12AX7 tubes... In the same issue, another article caught my attention. Master Luthier Richard E. Brune, (p. 82) discusses tone and wood. He explains that the wood of each tree within a species is different based on the exact location of growth, weather during its growth period, girth, the way it is cut, its age, shipping & storage conditions. Referring to acoustic guitar players, Brune does say that the way a musician touches the instrument is the biggest part of the tonal quality, but I doubt he would say this with confidence about electric guitar players. He goes on to say that the size and shape of each instrument, the quality of construction, then strings and the other variables contribute so much to tone that the species of wood has a minimal influence . sorry guys but I beg to differ on your opinions. I still mainly focus on chops rather than equipment. Although I'm vain with the over-all aesthetics of the guitar I'm using, the bottomline is still your own technique and playing. I joined this forum because I love the aesthetics of a Fender Jaguar. My guitars are: Fender Jaguar(CIJ sunburst), Fender Toronado GT HH(red with stripes) and a Squier Super Sonic(blue sparkle) - so that in itself speaks of my taste on guitars or equipment. Everything is bought used and no mods on it. I'm not disregarding the fact that gear is not really imporatnt but sometimes too much of it - sucks. C'mon guys Have you even heard of Kaki King's percussive acoustic guitar playing? That for me is innovative or cool-sounding...or Jack White putting a pick-up with a bottle and a string on a piece of wood.... that's the whole point I'm not attacking Fender because I myself is a Fenderhead......right now I'm dreaming of a Jet King 1 or a Charvel Surfcaster or a Kokocaster maybe
  15. That's always a thinly veiled way of saying the guitar sounds like crap If it was all in the fingers, Fender would be out of business and we would all be playing $80 Behringers. For the offended party on being Omar rip-offs...I myself have a Squier Super-sonic but I'm not totally copying his exact guitar, I was inspired by him so I got one but not to a point where I'm copying 100% of his stuff. not to diss you rob but since you commented on my opinion, ill give you one. look who's talking? i've noticed that you're more into Squiers than Fenders in your comments?...then why are you endorsing Fenders, you should advertise Squiers man ...i'm not fighting i'm just proving a point, peace man!
  16. thanks for the insights guys......you want to get one to just to destroy? just give me your cash man hahahaha
  17. I saw an Indonesian Squier Strat in a shop the other day ....with a beautiful neck that made me drool and a tort(to die for)....hmmmm ..money should grow on trees
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