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  1. yes, that's what i suspected, something not working. I replaced it with the stock one and sounds right, though not so full bodied as the neck one, kinda high-midish with very few bass and over-bright (its a stock japan). Which bridge pickup would you suggest for a fuller tone? The neck antiquity is wonderful anyway.
  2. I also tired to measure resistance between the wires, and the multimeter doesn't show anything (like an open circuit or, say, infinite resistance)... suspect it's faulty.
  3. Hi i installed 2 Seymour Duncan Antiquity II on my CIJ jazzmaster with a tune-o-matic brige, and i suspect there's something wrong with the bridge pickup. It sounds much thinner than the neck one (which to me sounds wonderful) and also the volume seems a bit lower... is there something wrong or it's supposed to sound like that?
  4. Hi i have a CIJ Jazzmaster with a TOM bridge that i installed myself. Overally works fine, but i have some issues with bendings on the 1st string after 12th fret. The string is stopped by the frets ahead. when i bend (e.g.1st string on 15th fret) the string touches the 19th or 20th fret, and stops ringing. sorry can't explain better, hope you'll understand! Actually the frets are a bit worn, so i'm not sure it's a set-up issue. Any hints on how to set up? thank you regards
  5. thanks that's what i was trying to do.. but i just put one piece of thick paper covering the whole neck pocket and still the action is too high. I'll try with the two strips as you suggested, sounds like it will definitely work!
  6. Just finished installing the TOM. I think it's definitely a great improvement. Anyway i'm having some setup issues. Even with the bridge trimmed all way down, the action is a bit high. Do i need to file the saddle in order to achive a proper action? here are some pictures http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0898.JPG http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0899.JPG http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0900.JPG http://digidownload.libero.it/abstract_ ... CF0902.JPG
  7. thanks for your support. Tomorrow i'm gonna buy and install the TOM! I've also ordered one of those fancy gold aluminium pickguards
  8. thank you very much for your help. One last concern i may have is about pickup poles and strings alignment. I have 2 seymour duncan jazzmaster pickups (sjm series). Will the poles fit the strings spacing with the TOM?
  9. thanks, I've read on this site something about the "standard" tune-o-matic with small posts. Is it this one? http://www.parts-planet.eu/productdetail.asp?pid=32 I see the posts are M4 (4 millimiters) but the holes in the JM are about 8 mm, so should i wrap the posts with lot of tape to thicken it up to 8mm if i want the standard TOM? anyway if the "nashville" fits without any tape, i'll go for this
  10. Hi i'd like to know which tune-o-matic model would fit on a CIJ jazzmaster. would this one be ok? http://www.parts-planet.eu/productdetail.asp?pid=33
  11. Yes, they definitely look like those ones. here's a picture of the bridge http://digilander.libero.it/abstract_to ... CF0895.JPG So i suppose i should not get rid of them... maybe it's worth trying to properly set up everything before going for another bridge
  12. Hi. I've recently acquired an used CIJ Jazzmaster. It should be a 1999-2002 according to the serial number. It came with an odd bridge. It's like a plain jazzmaster bridge but with cheap looking white plastic saddles and it's definitely different from today's CIJ. And obviously it terribly rattles and buzzes. Do you know anything about those bridges? Can it be fixed like a standard bridge or should i go for a Mustang one?
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