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  1. Hi. Ive had my mustang since October and I love it! around Christmas I got a jb put in the bridge. ever since it has been really buzzy, especially when its plugged into the compression sustainer. any suggestions? if you need pics of something, tell me. Thanks!
  2. Can someone please tell me what that last song is called?!?
  3. No wonder, the guitar boys have to pay so much for their guitars, that they have no money left over for a haircut. That made me lol.
  4. Wow, thats awesome,but does it have a name?
  5. It stopped the static but when I lay it in my computer chair it starts up again. my guess is that something in the chair is making it do that, it also happens when I get it close to my computer.
  6. Hello, I bought a blue comp mustang off ebay about 7 weeks ago for $500. the bridge pickup switch was damaged if freight. Today I got it fixed and it plays great except there is a ton of static even with both pickups turned off. can anyone tell me what the problem is.
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