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  1. 2001 Gibson Les Paul acoustic, serial code CS21068, trans black.Someone on another forum is looking to buy this guitar,,,,, if you have it. It was a gift off his late wife, so it means a lot to him. Top dollar offered. Any one own this guitar please post on Mylespaul forum. Thanks for your time.
  2. Lucky for me, that this is not me. It's a post off a friend. I will pass on your kind words
  3. Hi guys, I read this today on a forum that i regulary use.................. It is an extremely difficult time for me. My son has been battling an addiction problem for five years, He came out of rehab a month ago and I let him stay at my house as I thought I could help him build a life, I thought he was doing good, I took him to the gym with me five days a week, he got a job working in a restaurant as a sever assistant. Today I discovered he has been doing drugs again and while he was staying with me he stole four of my valuable guitars from my home, he will not admit it and tell me were he s
  4. Well I put the 11s on, it works a treat ( brilliant). Johnnykazz4l & furtherpale I can't thank you's enough for your brilliant advice. JAG-STANGS RULE.
  5. Nice one guy's. The problem is in the first five frets with open chords. I'll try the 11s out. I prefer thicker strings.hopefully that will sort it out. Fingers crossed. Thanks for your input.
  6. I'm using size 10s. The thinnest string slips off the end of the fret when playing certain chords. It stays in the nut and bridge fine. Just a bit of a pain slipping off fret/fretboard.
  7. Hi guys, when I play my guitar the high E string slips off the fret! Anyone else ever get this happening? What would remedy this? A new nut?
  8. I found this about it.... from http://www.mojomusicuk.com/www.mojomusicuk.coms/info.php?p=2&pno=0&pid=2514852&cat=176769&ack=9&search=&referrer=/www.mojomusicuk.coms/info.php?p%3D2 STAGG M350-MRD Pickups: 3x single coil controls: 1x volume + 1x tone PU selector: 5-way Body: solid alder wood Neck: hard maple / 648mm/ 25' 1/2 Fingerboard: rosewood / 21 frets Bridge: classic “s” style tremolo Machine heads: vintage, chrome Pickguard: pearloid cream Colour: metallic red. Price: £149.00 My 1st ever guitar was a Stagg Les Paul. it was ok for a beginners guitar
  9. H.N.B. you have been a real help. many thanks. Cobainjagstang123, let me know what you think of your guitar when you get it back,( is it a great improvement?)
  10. Myself, I am not trying to get my guitar like Kurts,(no disrepect to anyone). I just want whats best for my guitar and me. I know the guitar can sound better. I`m just not sure what to put in it? by the way chaps thanks for your replies up to now, much appreciated.
  11. Nice one HNB. So the likes of a Gibson Burstbucker Type 2 humbucker would fit fine? Do you think the pickups would Sound better if they were straightened up? (parallel).Would you have to route out the wood of the body to do that? or is there enough space under the pickguard to just get a new pickguard with straightened out holes?
  12. If you google Wikipedia. It says on there that the original issue Jag-stangs 1994-2001 were made of basswood. and the reissues made inbetween 2003-2005 were made of alder. Hope that helped?
  13. Hi Everyone, I know bugger all about pickups for a start. And My Jag-stang has standard Pickups in it. I`ve bought myself a Gibson les paul studio 60`s mahogany, and the sound out of it is brilliant, In my opinion it blows the Jag-stang away on tone. now for a few questions.... 1.what pickups would be good alrounders to cover every style/sound? From thin/twangy/clean to Rich/Warm/Heavy and would give my Gibson a run for its money? 2.can you put any humbucker (With correct spacing) with any single coil? 3.Will all humbuckers and single coils fit with no modifications? (I just want ones
  14. cheers, wow never even thought of that..............Duh. much appreciated...........Lee.
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