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  1. ya i 've heard of these guy's and heard good things about them, not sure i'll get them for the jag stang project, but i wonder if htey would be a good fit for a mexi strat upgrade, or i like the idea of builiding your own guitar, that would be a cool project.
  2. Do you suppose the nickel covered sh-4 would fit in the slot, i dont' see why it wouldn't, think it would look really sweet in there?
  3. Hey all, first time long time. I've owned the jagstang long enough to know that before its ever going to be of notable value in the long years to come,,,it needs to be played in the meantime, ahem,,,which also means its needs to be modified! So i'm going Duncan JB in bridge first. My question is which one, sh-4 or tb-4? anyone know which kurt used? I hear the trembucker (tb) is for floating trems which these guitars have, but is that what i should buy? is there a difference other than pole spacing? Curious on thoughts on other must do mods, thanks guys, really appreciate your help.
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