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  1. Since Fender has released the KC Mustang and Jaguar. I was thinking that they might try to do what they did with J Mascis and release a Squier Jag-Stang. If they do decide to RI the Fender version I would hope they would add the JB and TOM. Thoughts?
  2. The Lake Placid Blue is priced the same as the others. That is really cool. Still undecided of what color I want. Never had a Sonic Blue and I love tort.
  3. Kurt's was stock so I'm expecting a stock '69 Mustang pickup.
  4. The Jaguar is still sold out so I figured it was doing well or is it already out of production?
  5. I know how you feel but unless you are buying from Japan you only have a couple of options for Mustangs. I actually was hoping they would of done something like this for the Blacktop Series but, oh well.
  6. I think he switched the Super Distortion out that was white for a JB that was black. You can check it out at the Kurt Cobain's Guitars Now blog site. TBH I really don't care what one is more like Kurt's though. I kinda think the Comp is sexier but the Sonic Blue would be less expensive. The one thing I didn't like about the KC Jaguar is the neck was 9.5 radius so I'm happy this is 7.25.
  7. I just got done reading a thread about that topic. It brought the LOLZ.
  8. Lot of info being spread around about this. From what I gathered it is going to start around $999.99 for the Sonic Blue and Fiesta Red and a little more for Competition With Stripe. It is going to be Made In Japan just like all Mustangs. Here is a demo from Japan, named Fender Japan MG-KC: Here is a picture from the Japan site: Looking forward to this. This is based on the 5 Mustang guitars Kurt was sent for the In Utero tour. The Comp Stang is nice but is a little forced. Still GASing for one of them.
  9. I never said they weren't... I was just referring that they don't use transistors. "and then there is the infamous Op-Amp version which was used besides transistors"
  10. I don't see how I was "pwned" smart ass. I gave out correct information. A Big Muff sounds completely different and I pointed out in a polite manner a couple reasons why. I have done an A/B test with the Op-Amp vs RI Big Muff and there is a complete difference. Is it because the Op-amp? IMO yes that is a factor. The Germanium Big Muff sounds nothing like a traditional Big Muff. Get the hair out of your ears!
  11. LOL. Not trying to geek out on you but the RI NYC Big Muff Pi's are Silicone (and then there is the infamous Op-Amp version which was used besides transistors). The Dunlop Fuzz Face uses the original Germanium PNP transistor. So basically they are going to be completely different sounds. However there is the Dunlop Jimi Hendrix which uses Silicone Transistors and the new Big Muff PI Germanium. That being said if you want a traditional fuzz sound I would go with the Fuzz Face (either or) and if you want a in your face wall of sound then I would get a RI NYC Big Muff Pi (Silicone) and not the Germanium Muff.
  12. I like it a lot. A really clean tube amp is going to make a lot of difference than a SS amp though. I love mine and was very impressed.
  13. That's great. I was shocked when I saw the final project. I created that same guitar in paint several months ago. Nice to see some one brought it to life. How is the trem compared to Mustang?
  14. Same thing happened on my new Mustang. You have to cut the nut. I don't have the tools so I used the strings as the edge and smoothed out the area so they just fit. Don't go deep! Only width.
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