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  1. Which Jag-Stang is actually closer to spec to the original prototypes? From the information I found on the net. The RI version includes the alder body due to "demand" by the fans because the prototype had an alder body. Is that true? I know that the first run is MIJ and the reissue is CIJ, but is there actually any quality control differences? Also if they did decide to do start a new line of Jag-Stangs which model do you think they should use and do they need to change anything? Maybe include a JB/TOM bridge, for a pre-modded model?
  2. If I remember correctly my green and white wires are twisted together and soldered to the same spot.
  3. You mean this: But i get your point, some people can't get used to the shorter scale. Haha, yeah I have seen that playing. The way the Mustang is tensioned and scaled I just don't think it sounds good for that type of playing really.
  4. I got a RI that I hot roded, an attempt to make my perfect guitar. I changed out the pickups with something hotter, added a new bridge, fit the nut for bigger strings, re tensioned and added a string tree. It is great now. For what I'm trying to achieve I couldn't be more happier. The way the scale is though, it isn't like an ibanez where you can shred up and down like Yngwie, although I know others would disagree..
  5. Hey guys. Couple questions. I have a Mustang 65 RI that I modded to get how I wanted it. I like the guitar and I'm happy I got it. Eventually though I want to get another guitar. I was looking into vintage Mustangs and than thought maybe the Jag-Stang would be more my style as the Mustang I got is modded anyways. Of course if I got an old Mustang I don't know if I could put myself to modding it. So now to my questions. How are the pickups in the Jag-Stang? I have Lace Sensor in my Mustang 65 RI and they are a lot quieter than the stock pick ups. So my guess in the Jag-Stang would be that the single coil may hum a little but the humbucker should be pretty silent? Also I would like to know how the basswood compares to the alder body? I played one a long time ago but I think it may have been alder not sure, it defiantly felt like it. TL;DR How are the pick ups in the Jag-Stang? What is the differnce between the alder and the basswood?
  6. I have a 65 RI and I modded mine for a more stable working horse. The first think I did was refit the nut for 10-52 Dean Markley strings by simply using the strings as a tool. It works but make sure not to go deep just width. I then switched out the bridge for a Mastery Bridge which I have been very impressed by, lots more sustain and stable. I don't use a whammy so the fact that the Mastery doesn't rock is a plus. Make sure to get the intonation set right, it can be done in about an hour. I switched out the the cheap pickups for less noisy and more musical ones to my ear. I choose the Red and Blue Lace Sensor (you may need help with this). They work great and get extremely smooth tone together. The last thing I did was add a Tusq string tree to insure no string tree noise. Make sure to experiment with different strings such as the new Helix HD by Dean Markley or other brands you may prefer. I also would suggest getting good guitar polish such as Lizard spit and Fast Fret for the strings. This is what I have done in about 6 months after getting it. I always wanted a modded Mustang and it has been worth the hassle. Hope this helps.
  7. Go for it if that's really what you want. On the other hand I really do have a hairy neck and need some tips shaving... I have tried electric razors and regular shavers with no luck. Any tips?
  8. You have to custom order it. (Trace it and send it out to some one like pick guard heaven.)
  9. Haha, these responses are not helpful. guitar scratch removal dot com or lizard spit for just cleaning Make sure to use a good quality cloth.
  10. I'm not feeling my Lace Sensor Gold in the neck position mainly because it whistles like a horny college frat guy. I have been on the waiting list for a Lace Sensor Silver RW for about a month and that date seems to keep getting pushed back. I'm getting impatient and thinking about just going with a Lindy Fralin Blues Special. Has any one had luck with them? He makes them specifically for the Mustangs and they are reverse wound, he also mentions on the strat page that he can give a 2% extra or less wind. Lindy Fralin is pretty unknown to me and I'm just wondering if this is a good call or if I should wait for the Silver to try. I just want a nice clean/mild pick up in the neck that wont squeal and act all pissy on me. Will the Blue Special fit the bill? TL:DR - I'm not feeling my Lace Sensor Gold and thinking of changing to a Silver RW but because they are back ordered I am looking into getting a Blues Special for my neck position for cleans and keeping my Red Lace Sensor for the bridge/fuzz/overdrive. Suggestion? Sorry for being long and drawn out but this is just been taking a lot of my time dealing with problem pickups.
  11. A dude at a guitar shop said the new jb jr didn't fit in my mustang, but i also need to now replace the neck pickup. So there is a chance it might not fit... but who knows...
  12. Hot rail would probably sound good in the bridge and maybe some graphite saddles. I have a Mastery Bridge in mine (really expensive) and Lace PU's (neck needs changing). I would try the the first because I'm not fully happy with my set up yet.
  13. lol we all make stupid mistakes, glad you figured it out!
  14. Have you seen this yet? Red Tort: Red Pearl:
  15. Maybe so, I e-mailed them months ago and they never got back to me.
  16. mad mike the hybrid slinky (9-46) are actually orange.
  17. It's pretty well known to teh kurtdz fanz that he used the 10-52 Dean Markley. (Shh.. I use them too). You might have to cut the nut a little though.
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