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  1. I've crossed some interesting info about Mustang pickups today. It seems that the Mustang pick ups might have 1 or 2 that are reverse wound. Taking that the Neck is giving me trouble maybe changing that with a Silver RW pickup would help me out. That is suppose to help hum cancellation as well. Any tips if this would solve my problem?
  2. This might sound dumb but did you tighten the neck plate? I would hate to think that the guitar has truss rod problems. Are you positive it's the neck that making the noise?
  3. Check this out: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/ikebe/443985/6 ... 20/#833476
  4. Warmoth only make pickguards for "their" models. I guess I'll just have to trace if needed. Thanks.
  5. Seems to be none. I was using the search function and I remember seeing some say that they traced it. Does any one have a pdf file of it?
  6. Update: I got hold of a Lace Sensor Tech now so we will see how that goes. There are washers under the screws on the pickguard. I guess my eyes weren't playing tricks on me after all.
  7. Maybe so. I thought I had a bad amp weeks ago but I'm almost certain it was this pickup now. Could bad shielding be the cause? I would hate to think a "new" pickup would have issues straight from the box... I know it sounds silly but the screw wont budge. I tried an electronic screw driver and it just was eating the metal. I just kept the pickguard on too keep things still. I'm sure once I get the screws out I could get the switch off. Don't worry my questions sound more daft!
  8. Yeah, it's kinda weird. Maybe it's just because it is based on a 50's single coil pick up and it doesn't handle as well as the red. On another note, I tried to unscrew the switches in my mustang to check it out and for some reason it wouldn't loosen. Do they require a special procedure to undo?
  9. I recently put in both Gold and Red LACE SENSOR pickups in my Fender. I noticed that the Gold Lace Sensor (neck) squeals with some gain and whistles like a micro phonic tube. The Red in the bridge position doesn't. They are very different in what they can handle/do. So I was just wondering if it is normal. I tried different guitars and the only other guitar that did this was a low budget Fender. The bottom of my Fender is shielded with copper and the wiring seems to be right. So I don't think anything could be wrong on installation. Just wondering what you think.
  10. There is a lot of things to consider though. Like how sharp is too sharp etc.. Heavier strings are going to be a little sharp at the 12 fret. Of course if it is extremely bad then maybe the truss rod needs adjusting.
  11. If you are really want to try to fix it. I have been looking into compensation nuts. They sell all types eNut, Buzz Feiten, and Earvana. I have considered that. I don't know if it will fix the problem though. =/
  12. I was surprised to find how hard it is to find matching pick-guards for the Japan 65 RI Mustangs. Is there any site that already has the layout and could get me a red tort.
  13. FWIW I use 10-52 strings and my low E is always a little sharp.
  14. Put the insurance for the price you bought it for.
  15. Good idea about the no drill application. I have found info that the peg hole needs to be 10mm. It wont fit with smaller vintage 11/32inch sized holes. Does any body know the size for the 65 mustang?
  16. I might get a Earvana "Drop In" nut. The Mustang's neck is 7.25 rad. and 1 5/8 nut width. BTW.
  17. This threads needs a bump! Anybody find any locking tuners for the F style peg-holes?
  18. Nice work! Would it be possible to try a nut that is a little more extravigent? I have been eying a LSR Roller or the like.
  19. I'm hoping to get a Gold in the neck and Red in the bridge. I like the stock pick ups but I really would like noiseless with some more bite for the bridge.
  20. It fit in the pick guard but the JB Jr. made the pick guard lopsided... so that's why it didn't work out. I'm hoping the Lace Sensors work out.
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