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  1. I find it silly that people are so against it and haven't even played it. This seems to be a lot better than screwing up your guitar trying to use the TOM. I'm done arguing and am not going to respond to this thread again unless it's a review. I would suggest the same.
  2. You have no evidence to back up what your saying... I'm going to actually buy the product then review it.
  3. It seems either you are for or against it. I think people shouldn't knock it until they try it however.
  4. Most likely because the low E just sat on the nut (not in the slot).
  5. When I get the money I will get one and tell you all how it sounds.
  6. Well that's a given. Has anybody done this and willing to give me instructions on how to wire the bridge pickup?
  7. I want to put in a new single coil pickup that is suppose to replicate the HB sound. Is it alright to wire it up in the cross pattern still or should I do it differently?
  8. I guessed wrong. They didn't fit the nut at all, I used the string to mold it a little and it should be good to go now. I like the DM 10-52 a lot.
  9. I bought some Dean Markley LTHB aka 10-52. I think that 46's are too loose so I think these will fit nice and snug without any modifications. Most guitars don't have the proper nut spacings anyway. It will probably fit better.
  10. Can I use .52's with a stock Mustang RI or is the nut going to be to small. I really don't want to cut it or f it up.
  11. I was wondering what strings sound best with the mustang? I'm not really talking about gauges as I want to stick with the size it came with but I'm curious about brands. I usually use Ernie Ball on my Ibanez knock off but for this I think I should use something more vintage sounding. I was thinking Rotosound. Also I don't want to use stainless still or coated because I want to keep the guitar's frets in good shape.
  12. Just don't do it if you are trying to be Teh Kurdts.
  13. I love vintage gear just as much as the next guy but I'm fine with settling with reissues as well. Humor me people I just got a new geetarr!
  14. Doug, it was nice to read what you had to say. That is really awesome/inspiring that you found a great playing vintage Mustang! Update: I decided to grab a Mustang '65 RI because I have played it before and loved it. I would love to hunt for a good vintage one day but the cost and time it took me to find a vintage Marshall was just too stressful! I also got to buy some more pedals with the left over money! Thanks guys, glad to be a Mustang owner!
  15. I sure would love to find the right vintage one for sure! I'll be in NYC soon so I'll see if I can try to play some, I think they have a couple at Manhattan. I still am on the look out for a Olympic White mid 60's Mustang though. I have been wanting a mustang for a long time!
  16. No, I don't think you understood me... Metal Face Marshall's are the amps that came after the Plexi models. It is NMV amp with no distortion.
  17. I'm going to plugging in to an old 70's Marshall Metal Face so I want the one that sounds the best?
  18. No, US. You haven't seen the prices on the reissues?
  19. Well, the reissue is already a grand. Which is ludicrous for being a Japan import IMO. I guess the sales went up because of inflation... Anyway, that being said I'm having a hard time finding a vintage Mustang. I really want an Olympic white one around '65 era. I have plated the RI and was actually quite happy but I wonder how I would like the "real deal". Thanks.
  20. It was just a simple question, I have not bought a jag-stang nor a telecaster neck.. Thanks for the answers.
  21. Do the Fender Mustang '65 Reissue have a lot of hum with the stock pickups?
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