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  1. Dont know if this is the right place to post or at the Mustang section but I was adjusting the intonation on my Mustang Bridge, I kept turning and the spring popped out from the saddle and screw and it won't screw back on with the same force it use to. I went ahead and tried to see if I can figure out by doing the same thing on the saddle right next to see if something was missing that probably flew and the same thing happened. I cant get the spring to apply the force it use to with the screw and the saddle. So if anyone knows how to fix this or if there is a special technique on doing this because I can't get the spring tighten again. thank you
  2. like i said if i wasnt scared or worried about having to mess up my guitar wiring i would do it but my local store charges about 60-70 per pick up for emgs i can get 2 seymours that i love the sounds get them installed for 70
  3. nope it was the action as posted, feels better now
  4. I went ahead, i check some tone charts and heard a few and im going with seymour duncan, emg cost more to install at sam ash and i dont like soldering crap lol so i dont have confidence to do it by myself, yeah i got seymour duncan sh-6 for the heavy metal sound and seymour duncan ssl3 oh yeah I can wait for this get here and get that sound i always wanted.
  5. i am thinking of gettin dimarzio can anyone recommend a good combo for a great metal/hard rock sound? also umm would i need to get F spacing Pick ups or standard for the jag-stang?
  6. i fixed the problem the bridge saddle i taped the screws and it seems to stay in tune now
  7. she will get hit with a little bit of pixie dust and will look awesome
  8. my jag-stang gets untuned quite fast like out of no where any ideas on how to fix this ? i have unspringed the vibrato and it still untunes like from E to Eb after a few minutes or so
  9. she is a he lol j.k she will get modded possible with a dimarizio humbucker and single coil and maybe a tune o matic bridge yeaa she will look like my prom date lol and probably cheaper lol then the limo
  10. yea not through the amp but i raised the action and it feels better
  11. thanks yeaa that what i plan on doing but apparently my screw was in the gigbag thanks
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