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  1. Check out hotlicks DVD and Homespun DVD Find them under google.com
  2. Does a company build a device so you can switch to another amp while playing?
  3. Get a Blackstar Series one amp/cabinet 3K$ !!! or a Vox AC 30 2c 1 K$ Use a Blackstar distortion pedal for the Vox I wonder if Jacqline Mannering has the same system. Her body system is hot in a short skirt
  4. Get a Blackstar Series one amp/cabinet = 3K$. or a Vox AC 30 all tube amp =1 K$. Use a Blackstar distortion pedal for the Vox. I wonder if Jacqueline Mannering has the same system? Her body system is hot in a short skirt
  5. I use 9-46's with no problem. How hard do you hit the strings? Do you use a super heavy pick? I use tortex yellow med (72mm) Some people say use only Fender strings.
  6. Does a Vox all tube AC 30 power equal to 60 watts RMS solid state amp I have a old Fender 85 transistor amp It is time to "move on up"
  7. Since Fender stopped making ice blue and surf green '62 reissue Jaguars are they collector's items now? Fender should make a purple Jaguar
  8. surf green '62 jaguar reissue and surf green stratocaster with bullet truss rod for easy adjustment Fender should get more colors. I e-mailed customer relations and stated the same advice. No reply yet
  9. What happened to the surf green and turquoise color of the Jaguar? Is Fender saving money? How about the ice blue color? These colors are not in the catalog anymore.
  10. Sounds like Sparks from The Who at woodstock
  11. I paid heavy bucks for my ice blue '62 reissue 3 years ago. Fender does not make it that color anymore. I guess it would be a collectors item a few years down the road
  12. Check out homespuntapes.com Look at Guitar player and Guitar world Magazine for the instructional DVD's. Under google.com type in : DVD instructional guitar lessons Like Black Monkey said. Practice; you will build up dexterity and your fingertips.
  13. Check musiciansfriend.com The '62 reissue (2011 year) is around 2K$ The HH is 1K$ I think you are right. The reissue is made in america and the HH is made in mexico. Still a thousand dollar difference is high!
  14. The '62 reissue is 2K$ The HH looks the same. However, it is 900$ What is the difference between them? Electronics? Neck scale and craftsmanship? I know the pickups are humbuckers on the HH. Could the type of paint be a better quality to have a 1K$ more price tag?
  15. Has anyone tried the blackstar distortion pedal with the little tube in it? Would the quality of sound be better than a Boss distortion unit? Does the tiny tube give a real tube sound or is it mixed with transistors?
  16. Does any company make a jaguar neck with the truss rod coming out the neck next to the headstock? Kind of like a bullet truss rod on the strats.
  17. Has anyone tried using Elmers glue on the grub screws to prevent string rattling?
  18. Has anyone used Elmers white glue on the grub screws. Mine do get loose and rattle. It does not bother me. I just hope the little screws do not fall out! Can you get these screws somewhere for a safety backup?
  19. Check her out on stage playing: "Rock you like a Hurricane" on youtube.com
  20. I was wondering how loud is a Vox AC 30 @ full blast? Is it = to 80 watts R.M.S. transistor amp? I am looking into getting one. Along with a Blackstar distortion pedal.
  21. Have you seen Jacqueline Mannering on youtube.com? Do you think she should change over to represent Jaguars? She looks hot on stage. With a Jag; more hot
  22. Is the Masterybridge built in a 24" scale for a jaguar? Are they worth the money to install. Would it be bettery to keep the stock bridge and the problem grub screws that get loose?
  23. I usually will put stuff in storage. 1, I have no room. 2. For security reasons. Good to know the 40 degrees is not a harm to the truss rod or finish. I will pull it out today and wait a few hours so the case/guitar is the same degrees as the room
  24. I would send a pic in. I do not know how. Can you send straight from AOL or Juno or gmail?
  25. I have a '62 jag reissue in storage. Outside the temp can get to 34 degrees. I was curious if is safe for the jag while it is in its case. I think inside storage is around 40 degrees If I take the jag to my house should I wait about 4 hours before opening the case to prevent sudden temperture change that could peel/crack the paint?
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