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  1. I use 9-42's on my jag every so often. I was wondering if anyone else does? The 12's feel like steel rods to me. I usually use 9-46.
  2. Does Fender still make the Jaguar in the light matallic blue color? I looked at their website and could not find any colors. Just white and wood tone and black. Could the custom shop build a Jag in the surf green color? (Lt green)
  3. I noticed the Boss flanger has stereo out puts. Has any one here tried it out Do you think it competes with EVH or Hartman flanger? I saw the reviews on musiciansfriend.com
  4. Is that a jaguar charolette Chaffey using in the Go Go's live in New York park in 1991? Or is it a jag stang?
  5. I am deciding on a Vox AC 30 2c or a Blackstar series 1 amp. Which would you pick if you were comparing the 2 amps? I was thinking of the Vox with a Blackstar delay and distortion pedal
  6. I saw the Edward Van Halen Flanger at guitarcenter.com. Is it the same quality as the the Hartman flanger? If you were to get a new flanger what brand/brands would be the best sound/analog sound?
  7. Has anyone tried a brass nut on a Jaguar? Would the nut produce 2 times the sustain compared to a plastic nut?
  8. Is their any guitar tab for The Ventures Live in Japan 1965 album "Journey to the stars"? Better yet, Tab for the whole album/CD?
  9. Has any one tried the Blackstar HT Delay pedal? How do you think it is compared to Digitec Boss or Ibanez? I am looking at the Blackstar Delay and distortionX pedal. Plus, hooking it up to a Vox AC30C2 I guess with the Vox you would need a distortion pedal to get the thick distortion?
  10. Has any one usec the Vox 30 VR I think it has 1 tube and transistors. Plus dials to set to 4 types of distortion and clean + choe/reverb Does the quality of the sound = a Vox AC302C? With this amp, if you were to keep at 30 watts for a 3 hour concert/set Would the tubes burn out?
  11. Does the Watkins copycat use tape? Would going digital be easier without wearing out tape or tape adjusting all the time. Does Moog make a delay unit. If you were to buy a echo unit which brand would you choose?
  12. How about a blackstar distortion pedal (with the tube in it) connected to the Vox AC 30 C ( all tube 2 - 12's) for max distortion. Would you think a rack unit by digitech would be a better quality sound
  13. Has anyone used a Danelectro digital tape echoe? the green one with the slider control. I saw one on sale for 150$ and read some reviews. The product looks fun to use
  14. I was looking at the VOX AC 30 2C 30 watts. Musicians friend has it for 999$ I will be using a '62 jag reissue. Does the Vox have distortion that matches the Blackstar. I mean super thick distortion. Can both distort at low volumes or is it like a Artisian Blackstar that barely distorts?
  15. How do you send pics? I would if I could
  16. How much does a 03 to 06 seafoam (the Lt green color) costs? Fender should have continued that color. I got the ice blue 62' reissue instead.
  17. Does any publisher have guitar tabs for" incense and peppermints " ? "Heatwave" guitar solo by Linda ronstadt? Radar Love by Golden Earring? Journey to the stars by the Ventures? Thanks
  18. Check out Barnes & Noble bookstore and look for the Fender book that has a list of serial numbers for strats jags and telecasters. I found the book in hardcover "FENDER" on sale. Look under bn.com
  19. Which do you think has a better sustain, tone and Freq. response? A Vox AC30 all tubes with 2 12" speaker or a Blackstar series 1 single stack used with a 62' Jag reissue I am looking for an all tube amp combo or half stack
  20. I have a '62 reissue jag. Is it possible to move the high E string closer to the B string by a brass nut? My high E string sits about 1/20 of an inch from the fretboard. Is this normal? It feels like I have to move my finger an inch from the B string to grab any fret on the E string
  21. Joey The neck is stock. The jag is a month old.
  22. I mean what size allen head wrench for the bridge posts and what size wrench for the height adjustment screws? I could use a spare in case one gets lost Could 11-50 be too tight for the jag? would this size ruin the truss rod or fretboard? Thanks
  23. I have a new 09 62 reissue Everything stock. By the way, What size are the bridge height adjusting screws? I thought one would be included with the string height screws.
  24. My high E string sits about 1/30 of an inch from the edge of the fretboard. Is this normal? If I move the string closer to the B string the E string would sit on the B string saddle. I can play on the E string. It is that if the string moves any wear near the edge of the fretboard it falls off. I have 11 to 50 for the strings. I plan on a set of 10-46. The 11's are blobby. I was wondering while putting on the 11's, Is the string tension too tight for the fretboard. Do you think it could warp or damage the truss rod? Thanks
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