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  1. I just got through changing the strings from oringinal to 11 D"addario chromo. The Chromos feel like they have a tefln coating on the wound strings. I was surprised to find no hole through the side of the tuning peg! I had to wrap about 3 times and find the depth of the hole on top of the peg. Took a rough shot and cut the string to around the depth of the hole and stuck it in the hole. Then used a winder to wind up the string and tune. Did I do this install correctly? Tricky stuff keeping the string in the hole and winding up. The 11"s feel stiff and tight. ( I am used to 9"s on a strat) I think 10"s would be better in a Fender super bullet. I like the plain feel of the metal string. With to odd coating on the 11"s how long do you think the strings should last? 17$ for the Chromos!!! I like the regular Fender strings feel/price. Would 10"s be O.K for the Jag? Thanks for any help
  2. I did a cleaning test on my 09 "62 jag. When I got it in the strings were gooy and my finger tips were grey and light grey after playing. I got a plastic Barnes and Noble bag and put it between the strings and the fretboard. Next I slide a paper napkin between the strings and the bag. I sprayed Mr Clean antibacterial that cuts grease on the string/napkin. With another napkin I sprayed a little of the Mr Clean on it. Then I wiped from the nut to the neck pick up. The strings look shiney bright. I pulled the bag/napkin from under the strings and no mess. Off to to do more scales finger dexterity exercises and practice Mr Moto more When I have to change strings do you recommend flat wound 11-50's by Fender or D adderio? Sometimes I do some heavy dive bomb tremolo action. Thanks again for info
  3. I got my new 62" reissue in around 4 days ago. After running some scales or playing a tune the tips of my fingers are stained with a grey residue. Is this normal for the new guitar or did someone with dirty fingers played it before it was shipped? Should I change the strings to 11 to 50 ? I thought about getting a plastic garbage bag and putting it between the fretboard and the strings then put a cloth with vinegar or listerine on the top of the strings and wipe up and down to clean the strings. Do you think this would work. I leary of using paint thinner instead. If any leaks there goes the finish on the fretboard/body Thanks for any tips p.s. Today is Jimi Hendrix's birthday!
  4. Does Fender still use the: "surf green" color on the Corona Factory Jags? I purchased the Ice Blue instead. My Jag just came in. Did a few scales and Pipeline and Mr Moto
  5. Hello Jag world, I ordered a new 62 resissue jag yesterday. $$$$!!! I read in the forums about set up. Will I need to set intunation and string height? Do think my jag will play fine without fret buzz? Thanks for any info
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