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  1. No idea, but I wish I was the one who had bought it. Sonic Youth tones and it's signed by the Nuge? Doesn't get any better than that.
  2. I have a Jaguar Blacktop HH and it's a great playing guitar, however I want to switch it up and get it to be a little bit more versatile. Basically I want to turn this thing into a Jazzmaster. Maybe use a bigsby instead of the JM trem. Im guessing this would need a lot of routing done for all the extra wiring and larger pups. I'd like to do it myself, but if it isnt too much I wouldnt mind just dropping it off with the parts and having someone else do it. What problems might I run into? I've never re-done a tailpiece/trem unit on a guitar before, how do you do this?
  3. That is one beautiful guitar. Would love to snag another 66 if I wasnt shooting for one of those PS Bass VI
  4. I'm in love with my Zoom R24. Thing puts out great quality, and plus it has some rad built in preamps inside of it, so you dont really need to mic an amp unless you want to.
  5. THIS THING IS RAD. http://www.eastwoodguitars.com/scarface-6-dark-cherry/
  6. I bought this thing a while back. its rad. Electronics work great but I need a bridge. any idea what this is and where I can get a bridge? I have a picture of the guitar and the bridge piece there. It appears to be about 6 and a half centimeters between the two posts.
  7. So I havent been on here in a while but I have a custom jagstang with a seymour duncan invader in the bridge and the other day I was taking it out to look at the pup underneath to see if there was any bad solders because it was cutting in and out (turns out it was a bad cable!) but I lost one of the mounting screws for it and now I cant find any that will fit. any ideas?
  8. So on the g string bridge saddle, it seems that vibration is making one of the very small allen screws in the saddle come undone and unscrewed. any ideas? It's a replacement bridge, not the bridge fro, 65 (I have that one though)
  9. Im going to Warped Tour to see these guys and RBF! They are super rad.
  10. its fvcking awesome! mine has new tuners and a tailpiece and stuff, but im gettting the original. i love it!
  11. Thanks man! I'll check it out.. and it is amazing. Best guitar I have ever owned. Plays like a dream. Used it tonight for band practice, and recorded a yuck cover I do vocals and guitar....
  12. Nope not a reissue! This things from 1965! I love the pups in it. They sounds amazing. Very John Frusciante-ish... Sounds alot like a strat, but better haha... My cat fell asleep next to it. I'll get some more pictures up later. Also, does anyone know of a better image site than image shack to upload photos onto?
  13. So I just bought this thing. By FAR the best guitar I have ever played. Super beat up, original pups, new bridge and new tuners but I'm recieving the originals. It really screams. Pics soon to follow, but just thought I'd throw out a sound bite so you can hear this thing. I'll probably do a real demo to. Bear with the messy playing and out of tune-ness!
  14. Check this out! I would get it if i wasnt saving my money for a 50th anniversary jaguar. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-1970s-TEISCO-MUSTANG-COPY-ELECTRIC-GUITAR-HAS-WHITE-STRIPES-MARINE-PEARL-/400321884096?pt=Guitar&hash=item5d350b2fc0
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