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  1. Haven't posted here in ages but I need some help So I am looking to buy a Jazzmaster and I am not sure which one to get. I want one with single coils and was considering the J Mascis Squier one and Classic Player one. While I know the Squier sounds good what I am worried about is the feel...I tried the new Squier Jazzmaster and while it sounded lovely and played well it felt quite flimsy. I like that weight that the better priced fenders have. Money is not really an issue (while it would be nice to save some money I don'd mind spending if it means a better guitar) and I need a guitar that would not need to be upgraded in a few years time. Both of them seem to fit the sound that I am aiming for. Which one should I go for?
  2. so far im really liking the looks and sound of the cabronita. has anyone tried it?
  3. ye im liking the danelectro cos all ive heard is really good stuff about them and they cost really little. does it have sustain though? im kind of scared that since i can afford more quality i should get it (even if the danelectro is high quality for the price, a more expensive guitar would still be better) redman, which telecaster do you suggest? HNB, ive been looking for both those models but ive never really been able to find a decent priced one that ships to where i live (btw i live in malta, so not the greatest for postage). while i do like the jazzy id rather get a different shape than the jazz/jag one. i know its just a shape but still, i could do with a change i was also looking into the epiphone dot
  4. so im starting to save up towards another guitar, mainly to have one that doesnt have the problems my jaguar has. dont get me wrong, i love the jag. it is an absolutely brilliant guitar and i cant think of a guitar that suits me more. but there are some problems. mainly - the short scale - i have large hands so i tend to have problems soloing on the higher frets sustain - while i dont need loads of sustain (not lp type) i would like a bit more the bridge - i still need to properly fix it but id rather have a bridge that never causes any problems styles that i play are mainly alt rock and punk. bands like sex pistols, the ramones, nirvana, rhcp, radiohead. i also like some zep and hendric though budget is basically that of a mid ranged guitar, between 400 and 700 euros, although the cheaper the better. guitars i was looking included various telecasters (standard, cabronita, blacktop), gibsons (60s, melody maker) some danelectros (which i know are cheaper but still, if its good ill go for it) and strats (standard and 60s classic player) so any suggestions?
  5. like the other pawn shops i presume...around 700 euro i like the two jags a lot. the offset looks a bit funny...i havent made my mind on it yet
  6. http://www.fender.com/products/pawnshop im liking them...theyre cool i guess. weird though
  7. so i bought a replacement mustang bridge from warmoth (the one that can be adjusted) and i still have problems. strings still occasionally pop out (i have to put the action high so they dont) and the more urgent problem is that the e string saddle moves to the right as i increase the action, causing the strings to move outside of the range of the pickup, decreasing the output. what can be done? thank you
  8. it seems to fix many of the problems many jags have...i tinhk it will be a hit wish it was cheaper though i could do with another jag
  9. http://www.fender.com/en-GB/products/johnnymarrjaguar i like...wonder how much it will cost...
  10. not sure if this was posted yet...i posted it in this section becuase it has to do with so many guitars. my fave are the hss tele, the jag and the jazz http://www.fender.com/en-GB/products/modernplayer/search.php i tihnk its good that fender are bringign out new stuff, even if it is a bit too eccentric. but at least its not the same sss strat and ss tele. as good as they are there are too many out there
  11. just my 2 cent http://fenderjapan.co.jp/mg73co.html FRD i think stands for Fiesta ReD... looking back though...this was a really old thread...
  12. the jb junior seems nice. what kind of tones can you get out of it? i was also thinking that further on i migt want to put th epickup from my squier strat into a fender strat. would it be ok to put it in the middle position?
  13. so im looking for a single coil sized humbucker to put in my squier strat (and i will later on move it to a fender strat). i want a sound quite different to my jaguar, so something nice and thick with power. im not looking for a specific sound really but it is meant to cover a kind of grungy, riff based style of music. i was tihnking about either getting the seymour duncan hot rails, seymour duncan cool rails, or the dimarziotone zone s. the latter is what im leaning towards because it seems to have decent output and a lot of bass and mid (will ocmplement the thing, trebly sound of my jag nicely i tihnk). what do you tihnk? thanks
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