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  1. so basically im set ampwise so soon ill be getting a new guitar (once i have enough cash)

    im not sure what my budget is but im looking for more or less an intermediate guitar. good enough to be pro but not top of the line. also i want it to be a fender (i just love them).

    my favourite guitarists are John Frusciante, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Eddie Hazel,Jimmy Page, Mike Mc Cready, James Williamson, Matt Bellamy

    basically grunge/funk/blues and general rock..mainly funk rock though

    while most of those use a strat i already have one (a squier only but i want a different guitar), id go for one if it was just that but id rather not

    any ideas?


  2. so over the next couple of months/year ill be upgrading my guitar rig by buying a couple of stuff

    whatr im aiming for is an intermediate rig...not that expensive but still more than just a beginners...what id like to know is if th things im gonna get are worth it or not, especially. im not looking for the best of sounds, that would cost too much...what i need is more practical...that i can play in a band with (though wont be gigging) so what i need is stuff that isnt too much hassle to carry around

    i would also like it to be good with my squier strat and my ds-1 (which would be modded by that time)

    the first thing im gonna get is a multi effects...most probably the zoom g2.1u...its seems good enough and is much cheaper than getting everything as stomp boxes (but i will replace every effect with stomp boxes slowly slowly). also carrying a simple multi effects i better than carrying loads of individual effects

    i will then get a fender super champ XD...a hybrid amp. the one thing im worried about is whether the multi effects would be good with this or not...both have amp simulation so im wondering whether they could get in the way of each other...also can someone confirm if it would be loud enough to beat acoustic drums

    i would really like if i can find a fender cyclone...i need a guitar with humbuckers, at least one anyway so ill looking for either the HH or SH one...how good are these? i know hat they are out of production so finding one would be a bit tough but if i can find one should i get it, and how much should i buy it for?

    btw ill be playing mainly alt rock (nirvana, chili peppers, pearl jam, muse but ill also play classic rock, jimi, zeppelin...the hardest i get to is ac/dc) along my strat would i be able to cover all of these possible bands


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