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  1. Hi. Whether the hole size is correct or not is immaterial - it is the size that you have! The vintage Mustangs typically have a smaller hole in the bridge and the newer replacement whammys don't fit. I don't recommend drilling out a vintage part even though that is the simplest solution. Something is only vintage until you alter it. I suspect the arm is for a '65 Reissue or a MIJ Mustang, not an actual '65 Vintage replacement part. Regardless, neither may fit into your bridge. I would do some more searching for something vintage OR simply file/sand down your new arm to JUST fit in the smaller hole. If something goes terribly wrong (I don't know what that could be), you are only out a few bucks. Shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes. You may want to wrap some electrical tape around the bar near the 90 degree bend so that you don't gouge or scratch the chrome when you are filing.
  2. Hi all. Sorry if this has been covered before, but here goes. I have a CIJ (mid 90s) Mustang 69 Reissue. I am very happy with the neck PU but I find the bridge PU really anemic regardless of how high or low I position it. I am considering swapping only the bridge PU for a "Seymour Duncan Antiquity II 60s Myth Replacement Fender Mustang Bridge Pickup". Can anyone comment on the tone/output differences between this replacement and the stock CIJ pickup? I don't want an icepick, just good, full output. Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm new here - I can only compare a '69 Vintage (white) and a '69 CIJ Reissue (aged white). The vintage has not "yellowed" nearly as much as the RI would suggest. Plus the pickguard on the vintage is actually red, whereas the RI is more of a ruddy brown. The RI has more hum, a sloppier tremolo bar, and a really sloppy bridge that doesn't center properly, so goes out of tune within 2-3 minutes - especially if the tremolo is used. However, it has a raunchier tone and plays equally as well, except for the tuning thing. Does anyone have a solution / fix /replacement for the very wobbly bridge on the RI? I was considering a sleeve of vinyl or latex tubing over the post to fill the gap in the ferrule. Or should I try to replace it with a better-designed bridge?
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