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  1. Yeah you can see the wood grain thru the stain. Its made of alder, but has a little bit of grain in it, and it actually looks really good close up, I'll try to get some pic's where you can see the grain a bit more. Thanks Alex.
  2. Heres mine, its got a Bronco neck on it and a warmoth body
  3. Hey Guys, havn't been on for a long time, but any ways here is my Jag-Stang, I got the body from warmoth and the rest from FatDog at Subway guitars. I ended up putting my Bronco neck on it because it felt a lot better then the neck he made for me. But any ways I hope you guys like it.
  4. I use a Ibanez DE7 pedal, I don't really use the delay side, I use the echo on it and I love that pedal, I have had it for years and love the sounds I get with it.
  5. I use 11's usually on my strat and other guitars, but for some reason I like putting 10's on my bronco/shortscales
  6. Well good luck with the project, and a mustang neck should work, they use fender spec's for there neck pockets with what I understand. With the Bridge I'm not sure what one you would need. With the pickups, warmoths jag-stangs have the universal route so you can get the pickguard made with the pickups going straight instead of angle, even on there pickguard part of the web site it lets you choose if you want them angled or straight. Post some pic's when your done.
  7. I would get a custom shop built Fender Telecaster Deluxe in sea foam green with white binding on both sides and a w/b/w pickguard and have them put a jag/jazz trem on it. And maybe move the switch down to where the vol/tone controls are more like a sg control layout. And have it have a flame maple neck with the big head stock. Also Gibson Les Paul Custom (not that big on les pauls, but I have always dreamed of having one of these) Orange Comp Stang Ibanez Jem Fender Thin skin Jaguar Fender Thin skin Jazzmaster
  8. Yeah, but only the newer jagmasters. Not the Vista ones, because they where true 24 scale. But Yeah, if you get one of the newer jagmasters, you can put that neck on it and it will convert it to 24, or even put a 25.5 on the jagmaster.
  9. There diffrent scale lengths so it wouldn't work unless you move the bridge and make a new pickguard, if you like the feel of the mustang necks but the sound of your strat, you could always get a squier jagmaster neck. Strats are 25.5 scale length and Mustangs are 24, but with the jagmaster neck its a conversion neck so it will make a 25.5, a 24.
  10. Just wondering if any one has tried out the new mustang amp. Theres a 20w and 40w, there solid state. They seem to be like the G-DEC's. My link Heres a link for them.
  11. Sorry Dude, not sure where to find or get any.
  12. Rich that is one hot Maverick you got there.
  13. I like it, but don't like it, and the price he said, DAMN!!!! thats a lot of money, it looks like those fender custom shop La Cabronita almost but in a mustang body. It looks interesting.
  14. That sounded cool, but its just a take off of a Charvel/Jackson Surfcaster Just looked it up, there tributes guitars to the charvels, they seem neat.
  15. Its 12 or 13 years old, It took me almost the whole school year in wood shop, I got to work on it about 50 minutes a day 5 days a week. I drew the whole body by hand and that took me probably almost the whole first month of school, and I finished it about 4 weeks before school was over. Not sure how many months that is.
  16. Very nice! How hard was it to build your own guitar? Hey HNB, it wasn't really that hard, But there are a few things that I messed up with it, like I routed the neck pocket to deep, but this was my first build all by my self. I built a guitar after this one and it came out great, it is just like most things, it takes practice and you learn from your mistakes.
  17. I've played a few V necks, I think they make two types of V necks, theres the hard V and the Soft, I didn't really like the hard V, but the Soft V ones are bad ass. The Hard V was just to pointy for me, I know the Clapton strat has a Soft V and I loved that one.
  18. I have never really been into dano's that much, but I loved this one that fatdog at subway put together from some old parts. The vol and tone where also push/pull knobs, I think it did series and parellel, and the other was in phase and out of phase, it was really cool sounding and didn't feel that bad, but it was so freakin neck heavy. I love the birds eye maple top one he made though. I think this is the one where someone smashed the top of it in and broke it, so fatdog made a new top for it.
  19. I'm not really sure if the body is thick enough for the jag/jazzy trem route. But I could be wrong. But it sounds like a cool idea, very MBV
  20. The dark wood is Koa and walnut, and the rest was maple and ash, and in the center you can't really tell, but its a bright red wood, My teacher at the time said he thought it was blood wood or something like that, he wasn't sure.
  21. Sorry about that, I put them on the pictures of your guitars part of the forum. http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5565&start=1365
  22. being a Primus fan, this id love to see Hey Paltic, I just put up two pic's of the bass, its a pretty bad camera phone pic but it will at least give you a idea of what it looks like.
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