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  1. How could I get a different paisley color in pickguard form? I think it's a cool idea...maybe even overlaying that on top of the cream pearloid? I don't know. I'm kind of leaning towards the conservative route and getting the cream pearloid. I would do paisley if it were in a different color that matches better with fiesta red.
  2. Man, that picture is really tempting Who is that? When I look at the three pics, the cream pearloid always catches my eye. I think that's the most aesthetically pleasing. It makes it look more vintage. The paisley is really cool and really stands out, but it just seems too dark. If it were white or cream instead of the silver sparkles, it would be an easy choice, but as it is now, it just darkens up the guitar. Ugh, decisions decisions.
  3. I need to replace my pickguard and I'm stumped on which one to pick from WDMusic.com. I've pretty much narrowed it down to the tortoise, cream pearloid, or pink paisley (or stock white, but I wanna jazz it up). The paisley is a cool idea and would definitely set the guitar apart (and I love 60's psychedelic). My pickups are black. I mocked up some quick images using a pic I Google'd. What do you guys think?
  4. Does anyone have the images saved off from iCE's mod?
  5. How did this mod go? Is anyone able to make a wiring diagram for this? It sounds like this offers the most variations in sound with the stock hardware (minus that extra switch).
  6. Would it be a smart move to get a custom pickguard that straightens out the bridge pickup? If so, does anyone know where I could get one made?
  7. I guess I should also point out again that I have a Hot Rails in the neck position, which is a single coil-sized humbucker. So will I be able to use the phase switching for it?
  8. So the secondary switch mainly changes the sound for the humbucker? Does it do anything to the single coil? Sounds like I can get more sounds out of it than the stock wiring, yes? Where can I order the parts that you used? Also, what cap(s) did you use? I see a lot of people are putting in a .001mf cap in there and that's getting rid of the muddiness. Did you switch out the volume pot too?
  9. iCE, what do the different pickup modes actually do for the sound? Is there an explanation out there so I can get a better idea, or is it something you could briefly explain? And what exactly does the push-pull 500k pot do also? Hope you don't mind my newb questions...thanks in advance!
  10. Hey guys, newbie to the forum here. I've had my Jag-Stang for years, and for the past several years it has mostly sat around while I focused more on drums. I'm in a band now and I'm back to playing guitar, and looking to soup up my Jag-Stang a little more. I've already made a few mods thanks to this site YEARS ago. I replaced the tuners with locking Gotoh tuners, I replaced the bridge with a Tune-O-Matic, and I put in SD JB and Hot Rails pickups. What else can I really do? Is there a "better" switching schematic that'll give me more sound options? Does anyone still make custom a pickguard th
  11. I just bought a Stereo Memory Man with Harazai and I absolutely love it...you can get so many different sounds out of it, it's incredible. I've been playing it hooked into two practice amps for stereo sound, and now I've seen the promised land. I don't know how I can go back to my mono amp My second favorite pedal was the MXR Carbon Copy. Really sweet sound, very basic, and you can make it self-oscillate easily. My biggest problem was there's no tap tempo or real indicator for you to be able to match the rate with the song other than to manually adjust while listening.
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