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  1. Sorry guys, But I just got an offer for $650..anyone for $651??? I believe the problem is that these 12 year old tuners might be crapping out on me. The whammy bar setup guide was also VERY helpful, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. I recently came across a '96 Jag-Stang that was sitting in a friends basement for years, and that he was willing to give it away for 50 bucks... I couldn't say no. I am a bass player, and never had the drive to pick up 6 strings but this guitar made me want to try. But it wont stay in tune for anything, even after getting new strings, oiling the neck, adjusting the action, etc. I will tune this thing up perfectly, and less than 10 seconds after having it all set, the strings will drop 3 or 4 full steps, even without having the tremolo arm in the vibrato. I really want to play this guitar, b
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