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  1. thanks for the link dude! i actually took someone else's jagstang mockup and modified it on photoshop lol. i took the hardware graphics from the offset dressing room
  2. yeah, i wasn't planning on using the washer around the switch, that's just the only image i had of one lol. but i fixed it now
  3. Thanks guys I made one with tortoise / cream, I think this one might be the winner
  4. The Jagsby (well its a working title anyway ) Mahogany body, lime green paint job Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 24.75" scale Bareknuckle P90s, black pickguard, no slider switches, 3-way pickup switch, tele-style jack Bigsby B5 (Fender logo) + roller bridge I'm still going to try the lime green paint. If I can't mix up a good colour, I'll fall back on seafoam. So as soon as my holiday ends, the paychecks will begin rolling in again, and I'll get started on this bad boy! Thanks for all the input getting the plan together guys, it really helped. Now, anybody know where to pick up a Bi
  5. Yeah, it probably would eh? Im really starting to think a seafoam / surf colour might end up being the way to go at this point. Which is fine, cause I love those colours as well!
  6. Good call on the string holes. And now that I think about it, Im probably gonna end up with more of a surf / seafoam green color, and either black, cream, or tort guard.
  7. Man I am definitely inspired here! I have some nice black Walnut I always thought about using for a guitar.. I'm not very familiar with how it would sound in the end though, anybody know? ps Garagetone, that's some pretty sweet stuff, I'm gonna add you on myspace
  8. Haha, hey nice pics Nope, from what I remember anyway, that was the reason I didn't buy it. Just couldn't jive with it o_O
  9. Thanks man! Good call on the pickguard / bridge thing. Anybody here do custom guards that could hook me up with one? Also, was browsing through threads and found a build where a couple people commented that it would look wrong without the trem tailpiece, so maybe I'll leave it on even if its just for decoration. I'll definitely shoot an email over to Warmoth. Their online options don't include P90 pickguard holes, so that might be another issue to address with a custom guard. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Hey guys, new member, been lurking for a while though. I'm trying to get my ideas together to build my first guitar. I have access to loads of woodworking equipment, but not a whole lot of experience right now. I'm thinking of doing a Warmoth project first, before I go and try building from scratch. And I've gotta build a jagstang. I love the shape. I played one in a guitar shop once, I didn't really like the neck (hindsight: I should have bought it anyway!) so if I build one I would want it to be my own version. These specs might change, but right now this is what I'm looking at: Mahogan
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