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  1. somebody woke up on the wrong side of the piss-stained mattress, when I said boss were crap I was kidding(their overdrives are very good if you can find them cheap), when I said they were overpriced I was not
  2. couldn't that apply to any stock boss product? no. there are many boss products that have been brilliant/decent. However they are the older pedals. I was leaning more towards currently manufactured boss products
  3. couldn't that apply to any stock boss product?
  4. save a little and spring for one of the CV squier teles, i have no idea about the cv thinline but i've played the cv custom tele and i own the 50's one and they're both awesome, playability and sound are up there with high-end MIMs
  5. a black JS with a mint guard would be kinda cool http://www.warmoth.com/Showcase/ShowcaseItem.aspx?i=mp143&Body=2&Path=Body just have to build it or wait for fender to reissue it and to answer the thread and not spam, i'm a fiesta red kinda guy
  6. so he only had one pair? thanks for the info, I can see why everybody on here likes you so much
  7. if you already have a les paul then go for the tele, i got the squier classic vibe 50's tele and i'd kill somebody in a horrible torturous violating manner if they stole it Tele's are great guitars though, you just can't go wrong and if your used to contours look for one with contours because i've heard people complain that teles aren't comfortable without them but it doesn't bother me @herokurdt94: i didn't know those demos were recorded on his tele, do you know the color of his socks too? (I'm guessing fiesta red or sonic blue)
  8. I use curt mangan's only anymore, great strings with a really good feel. I used to use DR's which never broke on me but I tried CM's and was hooked. And I've checked their site and they support less known (read-"Underground") kinda bands which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling
  9. I have a old black jimi hendrix wah that sounds sick with distortion, i bought it secondhand for $50 and it looks like the only thing the previous owner changed was the pot to a dunlop hot potz II unless they are standard. I've tried the new one with the aluminum top and mine definately sounds better
  10. got a yamaha FG700S a few hours ago used for 139, looks so new that it had the wrong label on it, it took three guitar center workers to find the damn thing cause it was labeled new even though it was a used item. While they were checking the computers and the guitars on the walls I picked up a new guitar of the same model to try and after looking for twenty minutes they found the serial number on the computer and it just happened to be the same exact guitar I was jamming on It didn't take long for me to figure out that this was either dumb luck or it meant this guitar was meant to be mine I
  11. I'm wiring a strat with a humbucker and two single coils so the middle pickup's tone is wired to the humbucker and i need some help, the switch is a 5-way with 7 spots to solder wires which is whats confusing me, i've done this on a strat with an import swich and had no problem
  12. Dude! If it is I'd prolly buy one. Simply because I'm lazy and hate tuning and I'd love anything that makes it go faster. It'd be especially nice for my JS because tuning it is kind of a pain cuz I still feel the need to tune it like a floating trem even though the way I have it set up eliminates most of the floyd rose esque pain the butt while tuning it, it is still a floating trem after all. I think this'd just make everything go faster and also eliminate some of the hassle of tuning the mustang trem I hate so much... the mustang trems are friggin' annoying; id rather have a jag style one,
  13. you'd have to stomp pretty darned fast unless it was set up with a momentary switch...
  14. my friend's does mines not chambered and i think its alder, so thats probably why mine is, what model does your friend have?
  15. already own the 50's tele so i'd say the 60's candy apple strat
  16. has anyone bought from guitar fetish before? what kind of quality is their stuff? (sorry, i've never seen guitar fetish and wanted to know)
  17. some of their newer models aren't that great even with the high price tag, i've tried(never owned, so my opinion may be invalid) epiphone sg's that have better feeling necks than their gibson conterparts, and the same goes for les pauls. The old copy I have has a lot better feel than some of the grand+ gibbys i've tried, your really just paying to get into the club not for quality. on a sidenote: does anybody elses lp weigh over 15lbs.?
  18. Strat/Tele-->MXR classic dist.-->Digitech Grunge-->dano FAB chorus-->1970 silverface twin reverb or fender ult. chorus sometimes for practice i'll split the dry and effected signal between 2 Raven RG20s and the twin is more for recording purposes
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