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  1. I dont like the looks of the pickups or bridge but I really liked the rest. I didnt find it to lack sustain but I was playing it though a TSL 60. The 3 way switch makes lead/rhythm changes much easier. I thought it played much better than my old JS. If it had uncovered HB's and a TOM/AOM bridge Id be all over it.
  2. he did use a marshall amp for the recording of "you know youre right" so he did use them from time to time, but not often.... http://www.rockstarsguitars.com/product ... &x=0&y=807 Interesting, its the 1st Ive seen that. So youve got 1 recording out of thousands.
  3. You don't post much, but this one was good. Why would you make such a comment about kurt not using Marshalls when you're such a good forum member?
  4. And yet he never used marshall amps. Whoa. Okay. I guess all the video footage I've ever seen has been doctored. What kinda stupid cover up is this? I hope you are being sarcastic but.....He used a Mesa studio pre amp with crest/crown power amps most of the time live. He did use marshall cabs. In the studio it was mainly fenders, vox, mesa; still he never used a marshall amp, he hated them.
  5. http://www.jag-stang.com/faq/mustang/sw ... e-mustang/
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