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  1. Can i use a mustang bridge into squier j mascis jazzmaster?
  2. i see that guitar with Lee Ranaldo in a concert in Brazil
  3. thanks my mustang is not a reissue! it was made in 1973 and duo sonic in 62 i haved other mustang repaint en green from 66 but i sold
  4. I was lucky and got the bridge in ebay with HDCustom(Homeless dog custom guitars)
  5. Hi! i have a duo sonic guitar, but i need the bridge anyone knows where I can buy it???? in ebay can buy anything but the bridge is difficult to get one
  6. Hi the original color of this guitar was a blue but the old owner wants a change de color but never paint the guitar, when i buy this guitar i try to make a color similar at the head the clear is older and looks like green This guitar right now is in Argentina
  7. my 73 repaint orange my ex 66 mustang re paint green my project 63 duo sonic
  8. Hi people im from Panama city (central america) I have a 69, 73 vintage mustang and a 63 duo sonic; but i wanna buy a new mustang guitar tell me about it! excuse my english JOE
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