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  1. Where can you buy one of these screw in tremolo units to fit my Jag reissue? Mines just the slide in version.
  2. Hi all, new here and got a question that i cant see any answears for. Ive got a usual re-issue Jap Jaguar and i wanna do away with the three switchs and put a toggle switch instead.....but..... does anyone know if the Jap re-issue jazzmaster scratchplate will fit a jaguar? Of course its not gonna be exact, but i can screw in some new holes here and there. The pickup spaces are gonna be different i know but the pickups will be changed too if this works. Any help greatly appreciated. Dont wanna go spending
  3. I played on a strat the other day with lace sensor pickups in! My god it sounded so good.....so versitile. Not sure lace sensors are a "jaguar sound" but they still sounded great! Id definitely rate em!
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