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  1. Wow, didn't expected to see any replies to my thread after all this time... I'm glad I subscribed to thread. Anyhow I really appreciate your input here. Then I guess for Mustang there is reason to change the (stock) pickups to something better. About 65 and 69 Mustang difference I have a another question... Can you say what the neck differences are, any diff in the neck is probably more important than any kind of body difference.
  2. Hi guys... this is one of my first posts here... so pardon me if I sound a bit ignorant with my questions. I was thinking lately, if everything works well maybe I would satisfy my GAS and get either Stang or Jag... and I'm here to get some help deciding. I have Strat 70s, SG and CV50s Tele in my stable now (I kinda prefer contoured guitars, but it's not a must). I don't have some fav music, I like to play many styles and I'd like to know; Which guitar is more versatile? Mustang or Jaguar (SS or HS both with trems, the way I prefer 'em)? Also what are main differences between 65 and 69 Musta
  3. Think I'll vote 69 but only cos of contours, never played it... I played 65 tho a little, nice guitar. I have Strat contoured and Tele not contoured, I much prefer Strat contours, I can hug my breast muscles onto it while sitting & playing . I just admit it. Wonder whether pups are the same (65 vs 69) or is there a diffs?
  4. Hi guys... recently I thought of maybe getting myself either Mustang or Jaguar, but so far Mustang is maybe a bit ahead of Jag... I have SG and Strat currently, I don't think short scale will be prob to me since Gibson has very similar one. I and get along with it nicely. In any case, I thought about this particular Mustang too, then I reverted myself to "regular" MiJ's... things that I dislike about this Stang is lack of trem arm, humbuckers, and smaller body than regular Mustang . I'm not a big fan of thin necks either. All the things that apparently new Stang is featuring.
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