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  1. you're a moron. Even modern Boss aren't dumb enough to purposefully design a distortion pedal which doesn't have a good lead sound. The pedal just sucks, get over it.
  2. I don't think the guitar is gonna make that much of a difference to that Henry's plays quite nicely and he seems to be able to play some rapid licks on his cp, if that helps aid your decision more.
  3. Unless you really want a block n bind neck or have money to splash on the MIA, I think you'd probably be very happy with a classic players jazzy. Cheaper, and without the issues that plague other jazzmasters. I'm sure you'd enjoy it.
  4. 1) Made in Japan by Japanese 2) Made in Mexico by Mexicans 3) Made in America by Mexicans Mexican Fenders are supposed to be of a lesser quality than American ones. But Classic Players Fenders are really good guitars with some very useful modifications from the vintage spec. Japanese Fenders can be hit and miss, but tend to cost more (outside of Japan) because of import costs. Japanese pickups tend to be crap though. The mexican cp pickups aren't just hotter, they're better than most japanese ones which tend to be thin and sharp. I've read similar complaints about the american pickups, but i'm not sure. The american jazzys have a nicer nitro finish, which bumps up their price, and uses higher quality electronic components and hardware. Fender also lead you to believe that more care goes into the American made guitars, but there are great guitars to be found from Mexico too. It comes down to what feels right to you. I'd advise you to head over to your nearest GC so you can play some jazzys and to phone up some less local ones to see what jazzys they have in stock so you can try out some different guitars and find one that fits you. i've probably missed stuff >_> and Henry: you said you didn't like the block n bound neck, dickwad.
  5. You have no right to take the piss out of Henry. I don't love Beefheart. We are not friends. I do take things seriously, it's in my nature. I don't like things to be throwaway. I don't like you. You have made no attempt to make a good impression upon me and the rest of the forum from what I've seen. Perhaps you didn't intend to piss everyone off, perhaps you did. Either way, I don't like it.
  6. hey paltic, you started the whole being rude thing, I responded in the vain you began. Respect is earned. You should recognise this in life, or you will never come across favourably with people.
  7. Paltic: I didn't respond to the video because it's your opinion on a band, so it'd be pointless and a waste of time. All i commented on was the pedalboard, which is that of a beginner... and where did all this about the cool guys come from? I quoted The Simpsons, in jest. Me and Gilmourish are friends. for realz. we can haz jokes sometimes pl90xznmks/? when I read that, I fell off the sofa. <33
  8. >_< that is a comparison. When I think of Neu! I think of the motorik beat and noise on top of it, there are only a couple of noise only tracks on each Neu! release iirc, and they aren't really like this guy's in texture or progression.
  9. some of your stuff was really nice. Not sure about the Neu comparison. You sound really like Fvck Buttons, but I guess that's not a surprise given the use of circuit bent keyboards and toys and dream-like soundscaping progressions.
  10. that is such a terrible pedalboard. and lol at him having the K Records logo sticker liek teh KLurdhtsz.
  11. Oh, I wasn't aware he ever played one, hence why I said what I did. I like the way that guitar looks. It's a shame how bad they feel.
  12. Yeah, but that isn't anything like the Clapton Fool SG, and I don't know how that Dano has come to be called a Clapton guitar when he has nothing to do with it, unless I missed something
  13. they look cool. but having played a few Danos, they're all absolutely terrible. yo what, have I missed something here?
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