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  1. duct tape, the musicians best friend, think thats what I'll do thanks guys much appreciated T
  2. Hi there, What I meant was when I screw in the trem it doesnt stay in the place I want it to be it just sits really loose, its not ideal but I suppose it's just something I need to live with, might try a few things with rubber washers etc to try and keep it in place. I'll send a photo of what I mean (prob not explaining myself properly ) Tom
  3. if I tighten it fully the tremolo arm is pointing straight up, its a bit of a pain I thought it would sit at hand level for easy access Tom
  4. the thing is it drops all the way to the lead I thought it would be at hand level its not very easy to use
  5. Hi there, can you give me any advice, the tremolo arm of my MIM Jaguar HH is very loose, it tightens at 12 'o' clock, can you advise if this is normal thanks guys Tom
  6. Thanks for that ChristianS, I'll try the jag out for a while and see how it goes, what I have noticed though when I use the tremelo my strings go out of tune but could be just down to brand new strings, I'll keep checking T
  7. Hi Hiorgos, Sounds great as well, got that Jag twang but with more power, sounds amazing through my HiWatt Custom 50. Tom
  8. Here's my brand new MIM Jag http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41 ... 113_90.jpg Tom
  9. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies, photo here - http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad41 ... 113_90.jpg I've had a few fenders and always end up changing something on them ie pickups, tremolo etc. Been wanting one for years but either went with a strat or a tele but went into my local guitar shop on Saturday and there she was screaming and lifting her skirt up at me I heard there was problems with Jags but is this just the Jap ones? Joey, I was the same as you I thought it was Japan who made the reissues. Tom
  10. Hi All, I have just purchased a brand new Mexican Jaguar, Olympic white, it has the 2 humbuckers, sounds fantastic with these and plays like a dream. I also have a Telecaster and after changing the pickups to Kinman noiseless ones, the sound was transformed. I'm really just looking for some advice on setting the Jag up, what tips can you give me to make it the best it can be, ie lowering/raising action, replace any parts etc Any advice would be greatly appreciated Tom
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