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  1. im tired of that sh**. being judged jus cause me age. last year i played a festival in savanah for 5000 people and im not an equal musician cuz my age? bs
  2. mmkay so i got a fender fm65 dsp a decent economy solid state amp. i like it http://cachepe.zzounds.com/media/feed/l ... 100000.jpg and i want to hook it to a yum fender cab. preferably this http://www.ariseinstruments.com/shop/ca ... %20412.jpg the cabs got good reviews and is cheap (come on, ima jobless 17 year old college student) the fm65dsp does not have an output line but i was thinking bout plugging it in the headphone jack, help!!
  3. thanks!!! i did all the mods myself (even the scratchplate routes) and im only 17 lol so im pretty proud. heres some more pics this things really gotta go tho http://i902.photobucket.com/albums/ac22 ... 0_1682.jpg lol btw sorry bout the time and date on my pics the calender on my cameras messed up and i cant fix it lol
  4. oh somewhere around 230 or something. Like im gunna try to put it on the evilbay tommorow.
  5. http://i902.photobucket.com/albums/ac22 ... 0_1679.jpg heres a pic ill post more shortly. thanks guys!!
  6. lol not to seem like a whore or nething but the classifieds section is down and it needs a gewd home. Its sunburst with a paf humbucker in the neck, and has two coil tap slide switches, and a vintage gretsch tailpiece. Im only selling it because i really need a new pa. jus email me
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