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  1. Started as: Then: Then: And: Color! Mockup before clear coats: Check out my instagram feed for lots of guitar pics: TheG2What
  2. This is the result of my first try at painting a guitar. ReRanch Cadillac Green with satin clear coat. I think it turned out nice. Check out more pics of my guitars on my instagram feed at TheG2What.
  3. I don't have the guitar right in front of me, but can you raise just one saddle on the TOM? Also, I looked at the string from the nut to the bridge and it doesn't look like its touching anything. It confuses me. Maybe I'll jack the bridge up "too far" just to see if it solves the issue and then work back from there. Thanks for the info! I feel like this forum is the HNB forum. Not much traffic here these days.
  4. Hey, HNB, did you see my comment over on offsetguitars.com about the issue I'm having with the b string buzzing really bad? If not I can elaborate here but I was wondering if you had any insight?
  5. Man, I can't wait to see the final product HNB. I love the concept. I will say the neck on the Kurt Jag feels a lot different from my Jagstangs. I'm not sure exactly what it is (I don't know the specs of either) but the Jag neck "feels" more like a Strat but with a short scale. Is it maybe the width? My Jagstangs feel thinner. I'm referring to the distance across the fretboard, not the thickness of the neck. I hope that makes since.
  6. The toggle switch on the lower horn simply switches between each pickup. Up is the neck, middle is both and down is the bridge. The upper horn is like a normal jag, the switch turns on the neck pickup and activates the two roller switches. They control the tone and volume for the neck pickup only when this switch is activated. The three knobs are a volume for the neck pickup, a volume for the bridge pickup and a master tone. I hope that is clear. Let me know if it's not.
  7. I agree, the original neck with Warmoth body is a great combo! Anybody on the fence should definitely feel confident with going with a Warmoth body.
  8. So far I much prefer it. It's more comfortable with the body contours. I believe it's also a little thinner too. I won't be hesitant at all to try another Warmoth. I'll probably build up a Warmoth Mustang at some point.
  9. My humble contributions (crappy cell phone pic): The all-black one used to be this before I switched out the body with a Warmoth body: Both of them have the 50th Anniversary stickers. The Sonic Blue with red pickguard is all stock with the exception on the pickguard but it's been in this configuration ever since I bought it new 15 or so years ago. I had them change the pickguard when I bought it. The now-black one I bought on Craigslist last year for $450 and I changed out the humbucker, pots and changed the slide switches to black. This was the first time I did any work on wiring. It was more tedious than expected but not too bad. A few weeks ago I moved everything over to the new Warmoth body. I wanted to go Dakota Red but the black was a showcase body for a good price. I'm really diggin' the black-on-black so far. Reminds me of a few Musicmasters and Mustangs I've seen and loved. I love the Warmoth body. Very comfortable. To be honest, I haven't touched the blue one since I built up the black one. Thanks for looking!
  10. I have just recently been getting back into guitar. Below is a pic of my Jag-Stang. All stock except the pickguard. It's had that pickguard on it since I brought it home though. Bought it new back in '96 I think. Whatever year has the Fender anniversary sticker on the back of the headstock. Since I pulled it back out a couple months ago I've loved playing it and thanks to this board I have plans for a Warmoth "custom" Jag-Stang build in the future.
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