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  1. It's a Stagg m350. I got one. Looks like someone has added an extra pot. If it hasn't had a set up it'll need one! Out the box they are absolute trash! But I gotta say, after a setup it is pretty damn sweet for the little amount i paid!
  2. COME ON PEEPS! Not asking much am I? just need someone to take a measuring tape to their JagStang. hell, it'll only take a few minutes. please please please please.
  3. My JS was picked up by some guy after a gig. He ran out of the venue, we gave chase and then he threw it down whilst he was running across the road. I've made a body for now, but the measurements are wrong, so I need the right ones to get one built professionally
  4. Can anyone provide me with accurate dimensions, and photo's if possible, of a standard Jag-Stang body. been to Warmouth, and there's is different to a fender standard. I know for fact that mine never had a contoured body like theirs has. I'm having a lefty body built to replace my smashed jS but could really do with some help, if anyone can. Thanks in advance people.
  5. Sorry i took so long Helsinki, I haven't been on for a while. I've Pm'd ya back buddy
  6. Well, you have my upmost respect and almost all of my envy! But would you part with one?
  7. Howdy y'all! I'm sending out a plea to anyone with a left handed Jag-Stang they don't need/want/like/etc! I'm in need of one, so if you know of anyone, or you have one yourself, that they wanna sell please get in touch. love to all of y'all
  8. Is that jagstang for real? or is it a photoshop job? It looks absolutely fantastic! I love it! What are the specs? all those switches and that bridge? Awesome, just awesome!
  9. yea but the scratch plate doesn't line up on the lower horn!
  10. Maybe I'm being rude, or plain dumb, but would you consider building a left handed guitar for me? I've just sat and looked through every reply on this thread with my jaw on the ground! You have got some kick ass skills! I'd love to have one.
  11. it's a glitter, come metal flake clear varnish over mahogony stain form the hardware store. It was relatively easy, a lot easier than I originally thought it would be! It's a tad too thin, the neck sticking out the pocket more than Fender intended, but it sounds as it always did (awesome) and fells better thanks to the arm contour and thin body! Still want an original body though!
  12. Hope this works? http://s746.photobucket.com/albums/xx10 ... 0_1941.jpg really no idea, so i'll wait to see if you guys can view this before i do more! What you guys think?
  13. Pick up the body today!! I will get it put together and set up, then I'll post some pics of it up. I tell ya, this being my first body I'm actually quite impressed! I should've taken my time a bit more (but I do have a gig tuesday!) I should've sanded it completely flat, there are visable bumps, mainly on the back. But hey Wait a little while longer and you can judge for yourself! Big love and chocolate truffles!
  14. Well peeps! It's all cut to shape, routed and contoured!! Doesn't look to bad, but the grain match isn't all that! I've got some red Mahogony wood stain, and that's going to have a sparkle laquer on top, should look good when done! someone help in simple terms how I get photo's up! I've just opened a photobucket account, what next?
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