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  1. Hi folks I have a very basic problem and any help would be appreciated. An auntie of my wife's died recently and we are clearing her house. To our surprise we found in a cupboard a Fender Mustang which must have belonged to her husband who we knew was a guitar player. It has a serial number of 7615160 which from my reading would mean it is a 1976 model. It has a plain light wood body, maybe maple I'm not sure. I am not a guitar player but it seems to be in good nick apart from a couple of bumps in the wood. It looks like all the pictures I can see on the net of Mustangs. My questions are firstly, how can I be sure I have the genuine article as I understand that copies were made. Secondly, we need a value for probate so I would appreciate a rough idea of what it could be worth. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Peter
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