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  1. Picked it up over the weekend. This one is a bit 'out there' for me, although I love my Jaguar. Not a Nirvana fan as such, but I was well into them in my younger days, and dreamed of owning one of these back then. Saw it online and close by me, so put in a silly offer and they accepted. Was extremely dirty, dusty, greasy, which is probably why they let it go so cheap.....but a few wet wipes, clean and polish, and lemon oil on the fretboard, bar a couple of paint chips she is in very good condition. Dont know if I will keep it, just have a bit fun with it. If I was to keep it, I think I wou
  2. Started a Johnny Marr Jag last year, not expecting a Sig Model. Its took a while, but I am making switft progress, and could be finished once I sort out the wiring. It has a tele four way switch, instead of the 3 selectors. I want to keep the high pass filter, and also have ANOTHER high pass filter when running the switch in the fourth position - the in-series position. I'll be using 0.003 caps, but thats about all i know. I have only ever wired a tele, so you could say I am half way there. But wiring in these 2 switches baffles me. I know it should be easy, but I am not quite sure about it
  3. Had a CIJ jag last year. I sold it as it was sunburst and I really fancied a white one. There were a few things I wanted to do to it, pickups etc, so I wanted to be 100% happy with it and have now managed to get myself a white one, and older MIJ in excellent condition. Now, as i said there were a few things i wasnt happy with on the CIJ jag. Usual japanese Fender stuff really, body neck and finish were all spot on, but the electronics were disappointing. I found the pickups extrememly weak. So somewhere down the line i intend to strip all the elctronics, and pickups-wise probably go for a set
  4. I have the chance of one. I've looked for one for ages, but never found one. Now that I have, I'm not AS keen on the idea of one, but a few pics to remind me should bring back the GAS. So let's see some pics of your AVRI Ice Blue Metallic Jags!!
  5. My 'mid cut' switch is broken, and im going to have to fix it. I dont think i can salvage the capacitor, so does anyone know what voltage level it is? Going to be a tricky job i think. Any tips?
  6. I have just bought a Jaguar second hand. I had an MIJ jag, which i sold and have now bought a vintage white CIJ. The main problem is the pickguard. The screw holes all line up properly, but it seems to invade the neck pocket slightly, meaning that it has to lie in such a way that the pickups dont lie in line with the guard, meaning they have to be set low. Anyone experienced this before? Another question is, the pickups are sitting on little pads that hold them up. Is this the way in which the american jags sit too? Id like to change these out and use springs for the pickups instead, is this
  7. Anyone have any other information on this, would the switch fit, and does anyone know of anyone that would be able to create a switch plate suitable?
  8. Because he talks about it in Guitarist magazine, and it is set up the way Richie says, with the option of series and parrallel.
  9. I like Johnny marrs mod on his white on white 62 jaguar, where the bottom pickup selector is actually a 4-way tele slector switch mounted onto a custom made metal piece that fits in the same spot. Anyone have a scematic for this, or would it just be the same as what a tele would be wired? I would like to keep the other wiring on the metal piece on top of the strings working aswell you see, but i doubt the bottom selector would affect this in any way? Also, anyone know where i could get a metal piece made in that template? Guitar is here: http://weliveinthecity.com/wordpress/?p=950 http://
  10. Recently got a new Jaguar MIJ. Lovely guitar, really into it, but the pickups arent working for me. I use alot of guitars, and when i switch from playing say a Ricky 330, to the jag, it requires the gain on the amp to be cranked to compete. I have a paisley tele i had to do the same to. Is there any recommendations for pickups? I just want something a little more hotter than the standard pickups. Style of play is basically alternative indie rock. Cheers
  11. let us know if you find somewhere. i see some come up on ebay sometimes, a guy sells them on there.
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