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  1. But if I swapped the necks then moved the bridge to compensate, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of trying to achieve a 25.5 scale?
  2. Is it possible to swap the neck on my Jaguar HH with either a '62 or '66 Jazzmaster reissue neck? The necks have the same radius. Not sure if the spacing of the Adjusto Matic bridge or pickups on the Jag HH makes a difference. http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0259200306 http://www.fender.com/products/search.php?partno=0100800806 http://www.elderly.com/fmic/items/FC66JM-CAR.htm
  3. Cool, where did you hear about this? Also, why would someone prefer a Jaguar tremolo over a Strat one?
  4. ^ But the short scale and offset waist are oh so comfortable!
  5. The active tremolo is not an option. I severely dislike the things.
  6. I'm thinking about buying an American 62 Jaguar Reissue because I love the short scale, offset waist, and nitro finish, but the tremolo is freaking me out. I would like to make it as hardtail as possible. This site states: "If you don't want the Jaguar to be a tremolo guitar, you can simply lock it by turning the adjustment screw round clockwise until it bites. After this, the Jaguar will be completely hard tail." Would I need to engage the Trem-Lock and then tighten the tremolo until it bites? Or just tighten it without the lock? http://www.fenderjaguar.net/setup.htm
  7. AH! Won't have my digital camera for about a week. I will post pics asap.
  8. I just purchased a brand new Fender Cyclone HS in Orange for $625. It still has the plastic film covering the pickguard, paperwork and gig bag, and the guitar is generally prestine. The clerk said it had been bouncing around in the back and they hadn't pulled it out until recently. I am trying to justify the large amount I paid, seeing that you could purchase the guitar new for $470 in 1998 when it was first released. I tell myself that $470 in 1998 is now worth $617 according to the inflation calculator and if a guitar like this was in production now it would cost that much. I would have
  9. What is the name of the device on the tremolo near the bridge? I imagine it's to increase the break angle for tuning stability and to keep the strings from popping off the bridge.
  10. What year and model is your Jaguar, Richie? How about you Mike?
  11. Firstly, I'm looking to get the natural sound from my bridge pickup without any tone alteration. The fellow who made the post below states that the bass-cut switch doesn't actually cut bass at all when switched towards the pickups, but rather adds a capacitor to the circuit that adds bass to the sound when switched away from the pickups. Thus the bass-cut switch shouldn't be called so, but rather called a fat switch. Can anyone confirm what this guy posted in my thread? Again, I'm trying to get the pure sound of bridge pickup without any tone alteration. http://www.jag-stang.com/forum/vie
  12. Thanks Richie. How sure are you that the switch isn't a true bass cut? 100%? I tried to tell the difference in the sound by switching the bass cut on and off. I couldn't tell a difference at all. Maybe my amp wasn't loud enough or my bass cut is busted.
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