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  1. Honestly man, just go for ebay. Unless the store is having a sale ebay prices are almost always cheaper.
  2. Nah, I just found a pic of it on OSG. It would be cooler with a stang trem of course...
  3. Well considering brand new AVRI's can sell for around that price, I'd say it's (just BARELY) an acceptable price.
  4. Yeah definitely go for the 2 pickups no matter what you do, it's always nice to have the option and you can drop so many different pickups in that bridge cavity if you want later on. Having said that, I feel 2 Jazzmaster pickups would be ideal. Can't you take the money you will have saved from not buying a custom pickguard and buy another JM pickup? If you buy JM pickups from pickup wizard (I hear they're fantastic) you can get a set of JM pickups for around $100. He will also custom make pickups for not much more (depending on what you want). I got him to make me a set of custom Jag pickups
  5. a mate of mine was thinkig about getting one of those, how do they sound? They're nice depending on what you use them for. If he's looking for good chorus, flanger, and rotary sounds, he should look elsewhere as they all suck. The Tremolo is very versatile, I like it a lot but there are some settings where you get a volume drop. And the phasers, ring mod, and vibrato settings are all wonderful.
  6. Why? They cost more than AVRIs and they're less versatile.
  7. You probably mean Mike Livesley, he doesn't post here as far as I know, you can find him over on shortscale.org. Also http://www.madebymike.com Yeah haha sorry, I was looking at another post made by Mad Mike and it's close to made by mike so I got all mixed up. ...I've been awake for way too long
  8. I haven't heard good things about the reissue. I hear Made by Mike makes a killer vintage clone though.
  9. You could probably snag a vintage duo sonic body for cheap, it's essentially the same as the musicmaster body, but with two pickup routes.
  10. Thanks! It was $100. That's awesome! I'd buy it just for the novelty.
  11. Their guitars look pretty so-so (but good value). The pickups are great though. They have really good ideas with their pickups that other companies should probably look in to.
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