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  1. Learn your basic chords; practice shifting from chord to chord. Get a scale book and learn different scales. Practice them till you become pretty quick on them. With time, practice, and dedication everything will come. Good luck!
  2. because i have no idea what kind of sound he wants....plus a few suggestions wouldn't hurt his finding of his tone
  3. jagmaster- get new pups for it for sure. get a new toggle switch in my experience the stock one had problem and it was crap and broke pretty easily and quick. shield the inside cavity of the guitar so you wont get hum. properly set up your guitar and you would love it even more. frontman- definitely save up for a valve amp. like others have suggested the blackstar is the way to go. isn't a twin reverb a little to expensive don't you think? how bout a deluxe reverb or orange tt combo. deluxe for the clean and the orange for the amp distortion. ds1-uhhh mod it. or get a ehx bm w/ tone wicker.
  4. im surprised they haven't done this already
  5. lol....daniel you didnt OD lol...dont pop pills...didnt you read my earlier post... either that sh!t will make you go insane (depends what you take) or it will just kill you...or both last time i was high was last night for my grad trip to Disneyland. all seniors from many places went there and i bought a brownie the day before and i ate it when i got there. everyone just enjoy your life...don't be stupid...now let this thread die
  6. wow glenn...you just made me get major gas for that guyatone. id put a bucker on the bridge and leave the neck as it is.
  7. lol i wish i could finally upgrade to a jaguar. hmmm since its the vista series jagmaster....i say between $300-$450 in the week u.s. dollar
  8. wow! they are very nice...i envy your sparkle blue paolo....the supersonic is a guitar i must own one day for sure. @ wadeaminute pics!!!
  9. thanks for the advice robbmonster. i dont hang out with a lot of people no more like i use too...only with my my real good friends...and now and days just like 3 times a week. sometimes i really dont know why ive withdrawn a lot. i need to start jamming with my buds this summer before i go to college. for some reason i feel like i need to gig just to get some stuff out from myself.i hang out with my brothers c0cker spaniel a lot.... yeah it does seem like that...and were all around the same age too p.s. MONKEY FUZZ!
  10. i got like that after me and my ex broke up. i use to be high all the time but never was depressed. always hanged out with my buddies at the skatepark getting stoned all day...hanging out with my gf...getting stoned with her....going home and playing my guitar then getting stoned and laying in my bed listening to music. after we broke up...getting stoned at the skatepark with my buddies i was like a zombie. i started thinking this all i do...sit here and watch cars pass by all the time. i started to withdraw also...weird stupid girl
  11. I'm gonna hold you to that. (PS I'll be very disappointed if it's a fuzzface or big muff clone. I dun really mind clones of other things, but I've been over big muffs for a long time and my Jimi Hendrix Fuzzface already satisfies my fuzzface cravings. However, I think an original design would be best.) i promise you it will be the most unique pedal on your board...it will be in a shape of a banana...it will have one knob and say " go ape sh!T".... ill think about other things for it...dont worry ill send all the regulars a pedal if i made this company. i give all of you my word
  12. Me-"Doctor i think im sick" Doctor-" How do you feel? what are your symptoms?" Me-"I...I....I THINK I HAVE TEH KURDTZZZ!" Doctor-"OMG! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!?" Me-" I have DM PAF and a DM Super Distortion on my Jagmaster" those pups are way better then the stock pups i had on my jag....i remember hearing paul gilbert say he had a paf on the neck and a super d on the bridge. also randy rhoads had this combination. i also have this combination, that i really like. does this mean i have tEh kUrtDzzZ?
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