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  1. I think I missed it too FeedbackFriend lol... From what I can make of it ... the 'advice' was that he got a Fiesta Red Lefty and got it in person ??? Maybe we should start knocking door-to-door in our neighborhoods and ask if the homeowner has a rare-ish guitar we're looking for..? Then (as strangers) ask if we can come into their house and try it out ...I'm lost already. Sorry to add to the confusion
  2. Ha! Nice - and besides, I took some precautions and bought two human-purposed caskets - and burried each one 6 feet under in two seperate places - worried that even I won't be able to find them ;P
  3. This is a 60's guitar that I haven't had much luck getting the history of. LOVE the color, shape and chrome! Want to update some of the pickups but keep the chrome casings.
  4. first one was 'rape me' -second vid doesn't work. Nice Stang Though - been keeping my eye out for a red lefty for a while. you got a rare one bro!
  5. 60's - Got this one recently and the shape, color and chrome was soooo cool I had to pick it up for a project
  6. I'm a lefty that grew up in the heart of the 90's

  7. I mentionned this before - I don't like giving exact prices. These are NOT from custom shop - both are original issues. Got both at different times but combined around $1500 for the two...took some research for sure.
  8. Cheers man! - yeah, not easy. Spent many evenings online and enquiring at local music stores to track em both down. They are works of art. Personally I hated them when they initially came out - but that was 14 year ago and I was 15 - I also hated wine, whiskey, and fine cheeses back then ....an aquired taste for sure -SS
  9. That's awesome - very creative idea - toggle in place of tone knob!! This would cost some money to rewire..maybe in a few months if i make this a priority to save up for..i will do something like that for sure. Personally though - I love how it sounds on it's own. With the right combo of amps and pedals this thing sounds amazing as is. cheers! - SS
  10. Both Stock - Just got the second one about 3 months ago - to tell the truth, it's been sitting in the case but I do have some plans for modding the hell out of it (without causing any damage to the body of course) Any suggestions on humbucker and neck pickups that would fit in snug? SD and Hotrails seem to be the common choice but wondering if there are some good alternatives? Also, any suggestions on a hard case that would fit a lefty JS? Thanks -SS
  11. Eeesh, I don't usually like to mention specific price - but under $900 Canadian. I see a lefty on ebay from Japan for $2200..? Being a lefty sucks btw. lol
  12. Don't hate me - not to rub it in but took me a while to get these two - one is "MIJ" and the other (better condition is) "CIJ" - Love em both to death. If ebay doesn't work, do a broad search on Craigslist. Takes some patience but worth the determination - ps i've signed that petition at least 4 times lol
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