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  1. do not buy softwares... unless u #### rich and don't have to ever care... prices are ridiculous... for what it is anyways..
  2. An easy/cheap combo and prett neat one is : your rig (obviously)/sm57/cheap usb audio interface/Reaper (or Live or Pro tools or Garage band or anything you like)/Addictive Drums And if u don't want amp/mic setup go for guitar rig
  3. i had a squier cyclone which ended having only a blue sensor in neck straight to output honestly one of the 2 best guitars i ever had
  4. well done my friend, pickup straight to jack is the best way to do it imho love the tele
  5. Yeah, I think Fender Japan already made these thinline Jags but I could be wrong... Nice to see the Super-SOnic reissued though
  6. Nice guitar ! Mine was several months ago. A 77' Fender Bronco. Great guitar.
  7. Yeah Fuzz + Delay + Reverb or Reverb + Delay + Fuzz ^^ And I like playing with pitch effect a lot. Like having my whammy two octaves up going into my blue box which brings it back two octaves down. Makes your guitar glitch a bit.
  8. Hi guys ! It took some time but here it is : finished. pickups are : fender tele 52 neck pup - seymour duncan antiquity bridge pup 2 volumes no tone, 500k pots on middle position pickups are out of phase so I'll need to re-wire it. Pickguard came from warmoth and body from guitar mill so it's not a perfect fit but it fits. The body is seafoam green. As i was saying in my first post the boatneck contour seemed a bit strange to me, but once I played it with strings on it and everything it really felt nice in my hand.
  9. hey, i received the body yesterday ! i had to work a bit on the neck pocket because it was a bit tight for the neck. here's how it looks like... i still need to drill a few holes in the body and in the neck and i'm waiting for the string ferrules to finally put some strings in it... i'll need to order a custom pickguard too but i'm not sure if i want or not to have a neck pickup...
  10. Hey guys, So i'm building a telemaster ! I already bought all the different parts i need on the internet and i'm now waiting for them to arrive. The neck came with the mail this morning. It's a telecaster total vintage neck from warmoth (1 5/8" Nut Width, Boatneck, 7.25" Radius ) The boatneck contour is a bit strange (not really what i was expecting) but i'm waiting for the guitar to be finished to really make my opinion. I'll keep updating pics as soon as I get all my stuff !
  11. I voted Jt90 because it's the one i was thinking of buying for like 2 or 3 days (but in black) *o* It looks like a really cool guitar for the price. Yeah the bridge pup sounds a bit crappy from the demos and I've read a few reviews about how you need to duck tape everything once you screwed and unscrewed your pickguard and control plate a few times, but I guess it's okay for this price. (I'm buying the EHX 2880 since I really want it for months and I don't really need a new guitar... )
  12. No I did not ! Thanks for the info dude ! They look pretty cool. Thanks for the link !
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