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  1. do not buy softwares... unless u #### rich and don't have to ever care... prices are ridiculous... for what it is anyways..
  2. An easy/cheap combo and prett neat one is : your rig (obviously)/sm57/cheap usb audio interface/Reaper (or Live or Pro tools or Garage band or anything you like)/Addictive Drums And if u don't want amp/mic setup go for guitar rig
  3. i had a squier cyclone which ended having only a blue sensor in neck straight to output honestly one of the 2 best guitars i ever had
  4. well done my friend, pickup straight to jack is the best way to do it imho love the tele
  5. Yeah, I think Fender Japan already made these thinline Jags but I could be wrong... Nice to see the Super-SOnic reissued though
  6. Nice guitar ! Mine was several months ago. A 77' Fender Bronco. Great guitar.
  7. Yeah Fuzz + Delay + Reverb or Reverb + Delay + Fuzz ^^ And I like playing with pitch effect a lot. Like having my whammy two octaves up going into my blue box which brings it back two octaves down. Makes your guitar glitch a bit.
  8. Hi guys ! It took some time but here it is : finished. pickups are : fender tele 52 neck pup - seymour duncan antiquity bridge pup 2 volumes no tone, 500k pots on middle position pickups are out of phase so I'll need to re-wire it. Pickguard came from warmoth and body from guitar mill so it's not a perfect fit but it fits. The body is seafoam green. As i was saying in my first post the boatneck contour seemed a bit strange to me, but once I played it with strings on it and everything it really felt nice in my hand.
  9. hey, i received the body yesterday ! i had to work a bit on the neck pocket because it was a bit tight for the neck. here's how it looks like... i still need to drill a few holes in the body and in the neck and i'm waiting for the string ferrules to finally put some strings in it... i'll need to order a custom pickguard too but i'm not sure if i want or not to have a neck pickup...
  10. Hey guys, So i'm building a telemaster ! I already bought all the different parts i need on the internet and i'm now waiting for them to arrive. The neck came with the mail this morning. It's a telecaster total vintage neck from warmoth (1 5/8" Nut Width, Boatneck, 7.25" Radius ) The boatneck contour is a bit strange (not really what i was expecting) but i'm waiting for the guitar to be finished to really make my opinion. I'll keep updating pics as soon as I get all my stuff !
  11. I voted Jt90 because it's the one i was thinking of buying for like 2 or 3 days (but in black) *o* It looks like a really cool guitar for the price. Yeah the bridge pup sounds a bit crappy from the demos and I've read a few reviews about how you need to duck tape everything once you screwed and unscrewed your pickguard and control plate a few times, but I guess it's okay for this price. (I'm buying the EHX 2880 since I really want it for months and I don't really need a new guitar... )
  12. No I did not ! Thanks for the info dude ! They look pretty cool. Thanks for the link !
  13. I like it ! The jazzmaster is exactly what I was looking for ! They are on Thomann for less than 300€ !! All the jazzy bodies I was looking at for a couple of month were about this same price so win for me. Plus I kinda like the Squier BB and maple neck and fretboard ! I don't mind about the strat output jack or the bridge ( yeah no trem but it's ok for me ). What I have in mind is to put on this my Telecaster replacement six saddle bridge I had with my 52 Reissue, make it string through body and put a nice nocaster bridge pickup in it. For now it's the cheapest way to make your own Tel
  14. I took care of the 2 problems I had. What I did was to isolate the two green wires from the dually pickup, they should not be connected to the ground. Voila, hope this helps... And thanks again for the kind words.
  15. I used the wiring diagram from lacemusic. The last one on this pdf : http://www.lacemusic.com/wiring/pdf/9.pdf I was expecting some difficulties but it worked just fine. It's a very cool way to wire this pickup, you can really get three different tones out of it. Hope it will help you.
  16. I just got my new pickup today ! Made a crappy pickguard to put it on my "Cyclone". My link My link Pickups are : Blue Sensor in neck Silver/Red in bridge 2 3-way toggle switch one for : Neck(not working same as N+B )/Neck+Bridge/Bridge one for bridge pickup : Silver/Both/Red So I can't have the neck pickup alone. And the volume pot is weird, it's either off or at full level...
  17. So here we are, Pics (taken from my cellphone, sorry) : pic 1 pic 2 Samples : Guitar plugged directly into the amp (Blues Jr.) Recorded with a Shure SM58 1 neck 2 neck 3 neck 1st : rythm guitar : tone all the way up lead guitar : tone all the way down 2nd : rythm guitar : tone all the way down lead guitar : tone all the way up 3rd : rythm guitar : tone half way : lead guitar : tone half way
  18. Blue lace is in my cyclone, neck position. I tried the bridge position too but I like it more this way. I'll post pics and samples later, right now I have to go to work. Nice pup.
  19. Yup, I got mine (Jag Special) used for about 500-600 EUR. Decent price I guess.
  20. Nice, she was cool. Really love this guitar dude Are you French ?
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