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  1. Someone recently gave me a "Gravity" Jazz bass copy. When I went to clean the pots I found it had a chip-board body. It sounds #### great though, I use it for recording.
  2. The sound of a Gibson J200 is the eighth wonder of the world
  3. Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster. Essential and transparent. Brings out the best of guitar and amp.
  4. it's a high inductance choke coil, the only way I can describe the effect it has is to 'focus' the tone cut at the selected frequency. Gibson use a 1.5H choke in their varitones, this is quite a high value and means the physical size is quite large (about the size of a zippo in an old gibson 345 and routed into a cavity under the bridge pickup). I've tried many values of choke and for my money the higher the value the better they sound, too low and the cut is too broad (muddy). Smaller ones tend to look like 1cm transformers, larger ones are typically round and potted into epoxy, Vintage gibson ones are oblong and probably made for them. It's difficult to get larger values so I generally scrounge them from electrical shops or second hand audio gear.
  5. I have an Alden Vox Phantom guitar that now has a JBjr in the bridge position. I built a custom tone control for it which is basically a push/pull pot to select one of two capacitors, an inductor coil and a 500k pot to blend the effect. I would have built in a full varitone but there wasn't room in the cavity so I picked the two caps that sounded best and built them into this. It gives the pickup 1) a "woman" tone and 2) A middly tone a bit like the sweet spot on a colorsound wah pedal, great with high gain for a hendrixy feel.
  6. doing this sounds thicker but I wouldn't say it was anything like a humbucker
  7. It would require some serious routing, those pickups are like icebergs, there is lots below the surface
  8. The best guitar I ever played or owned has been my ES-335. Beautiful player, versatile tones. It's been my main guitar for 20 years. I prefer the sound of hollows/semis over solids. There's something more organic sounding about them IMO.
  9. Marshalls are great amps and capable of far more than the standard 'rock' sound they're known for. Jaguar through JCM900 gets me a tough edgy sound.
  10. The rehearsal studio I use bought a couple of the Behringer v-amp heads a while back. I used one just the once and hated everything about it especially the synthetic sound and lack of punch. The management had so many complaints from guitarists they got rid of them after about two weeks.
  11. Ceramic caps are used widely by many manufacturers including Fender, Gibson and Gretsch. For example AV Jaguars use ceramics as did pre-CBS ones. I've only ever seen Japanese jags with more expensive mylar caps.
  12. Only marginally, a change in the capacitance value has a far more noticable affect on the sound. IMO the price of bumblebees,etc is rarely justified in sonic terms unless you are restoring a vintage instrument and you want it back to original specs.
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