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  1. http://picasaweb.google.com/burntumbers/Gear#5535177264098965586 love the sound of the bridge http://picasaweb.google.com/burntumbers/Gear#5535177275756301858 headstock http://picasaweb.google.com/burntumbers/Gear#5535177283354559922 oldskool headstock http://picasaweb.google.com/burntumbers/Gear#5535177291524534258 back has seen better days http://picasaweb.google.com/burntumbers/Gear#5535177299171399234 guitar was so cheap, i might have $ left for a razor
  2. my wife and i split up in australia, so i went to canada and saved $ for 3 months. not sure what i wanna do with myself now that i`m a free man, so i came to a cheap country to sit on my butt and think about what i can do with my life. good cheap living here! i have a huge apartment for 300$ a month, the food is awesome here, girls are very cute. i left all my music gear in oz. who knows if i`ll get it back. ... anyways, i got the guitar today, it`s a pretty decent copy! very playable, light body, nice neck. i have no amp, so i cant say much about the pickups. if they suck, i can throw in something else. but i`m sure this is MIJ and should be fine. the pickups are a little wider than strat pickups. the switches are just on/off...no phase the tuners are quite oldskool, but have been holding up so far. pix soon
  3. i can always put new tuners on it. might change the pickups, or put in a 3rd pickups to get more strat tones. i hope the switches go out of phase too. i havent had a guitar since May this year, and wanted something cheap, but more charactor than your average strat copy. i`m sure i found it.
  4. http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.pe/MPE-12772128-guitarra-electrica-japonesa-tomson-_JM I`m in Lima, Peru right now and scored this off libremercado 330 soles is about 120$ can`t find musch info on this, it`s made by Tompson in the 1980s MIJ and the tunders aren`t so great. any other info you guys have would be awesome. i`ll post more pics when I get it
  5. get rid of the frontman. I've had 2 that both totally sucked, and broke down on me. pity they have a good clean tone. grab a orange crush or blackheart with thhat kind of money. check out some delays and fuzz boxes the ds1 actually has a good buffer inside, so keep it.
  6. most of my pedals are up now adding more soon wireless at the library not very dependable
  7. thanks anytime i post the link it screws up ya just search burntumbers putting a bunch of pedals on there tomorrow
  8. Please help me fund my mid-life crisis http://shop.ebay.com/burntumbers/m.h...&_trksid=p3686 all my gear is going up for sale. everything is in Australia, I'm in Canada right now, so I can't take new photos of items. My ex is good enough to ship items for me when they sell. Currently all my guitars and my tube amp are posted. All my pedals will be there soon. any questions please email burnt_umber@hotmail.com
  9. ahhh we all go through our share of crap gear when we're young. so many memories of Samick strats
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