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  1. Okay i got a jazzmaster/jaguar case for christmas. It has fender and G&G on it, it has a black exterior and interior. i have a fender toronado and i was told it could fit in it. BUT when i put it in the case and attempt to close it, the lid doesnt shut all the way. i dont want to press down on it and hurt it.. like for some reason it feels like theres too much padding. Is it supposed to be like this for better protection or what?
  2. It's not vintage, its a 2005 x3 i wanna make it into a nice rhythm guitar for gigs
  3. One thing you must get straight, no kurtification whatsoever XD just wanna get that straight. i want something original
  4. Soooooooooo guys i have ----> and im modding it for a gig guitar, whatcha think i should do with it??? Dont say depends on your budget. i wanna hear some killer ideas guys
  5. Bombed our third show.. oh well. :/

  6. I'm an owner of a toronado and in my opinion its one of fenders best guitars its very durable if you play rough, has a wide range of sounds, and best part the neck feels like butter! its definitely worth it! its become my main guitar out of 2 mustangs and a jagstang if you need a video just message me!
  7. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-Pawn-Shop-Mustang-Special-Electric-Guitar?sku=H72864 anybody see the new mustang? anybody have one yet? im sorta interested in it but idk if i want it cause i cant find any good videos of it :<
  8. Hey guys i had my truss rod adjusted in my toronado because it was bowed alittle and i adjusted alot trying to get it to play the way it did before i had it changed :/ like the strings were tighter and bleh it just felt better and now i hate that i even went DX is there anyway i can fix this? i hate the loose feeling on the strings :/
  9. my band playing at our second show XD this time we had a drummer
  10. me playing my newly decked out Jag-Stang..
  11. Typical KuRdTz KID (always wanted to do that XD)
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