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  1. Rick, your avatar is tempting me into a relapse.
  2. He needs Frodo. But that f*ckers invisible, how the f*ck will he find Frodo? Sh*t, this guy is in more trouble than I thought. He lost his tone AND he can't find that f*cking hobbit, wtf, you're f*cked, dude!
  3. You lost your tone? Holy crap. I dunno what to say dude, I never lost my tone, so I dunno how you could find it again.
  4. The Jazzuar is a well cool, and long overdue Jag-Stang.com project.
  5. Natural is the only type of finish I can stand to see a tort scratchplate on.
  6. I hate all these guitar designs from that kisekae site. They all look poo to me, but would probably look good in real life.
  7. Not directly related to the Jag-Stang, but I like plenty of beef on the lower strings. When I was learning and in my "powerchord attack!" phase, I'd have full 11's even on my 25.5 guitars. I've mellowed a bit now, though. I use 10-52's. Easy to bend up high on the skinnies, plenty of boom on the lows. I also imagine (and this is probably all in my head) that it benefits the tuning, too. I have all five springs loaded into the back of the Batwing. I like the feeling of the strings fighting back slightly. It feels like I genuinely am playing the guitar that way, not letting it play me.
  8. You should learn to appreciate how Kurt used electrical tape to stop all sorts of parts of the guitar moving. I appreciate everything Kurt did as well as anything any musician does to make things easier or sound better. That's good. I just had my morning piss, which I really appreciated also.
  9. It's classified, and information about it is dealt out only on a need to laugh basis.
  10. i don't get what's funny? Have you ever listened to them? Grunge isn't dead. It was just stomped on so bad that it dug its own six foot hole.
  12. Isn't the intro to Pennyroyal Tea an acoustic? I can't remember, I haven't listened to Nirvana for 4 years because all the kiddy worship freakoids really put me off.
  13. You should learn to appreciate how Kurt used electrical tape to stop all sorts of parts of the guitar moving.
  14. Yeah, but there's still a gap. Bass cases are too big, generally, and guitars are too small. I'm keeping an eye out for a shortscale bass case with an internal length of around 44" or something, that should be pretty snug. For now, though, there are some heavy duty gig bags that do the job just as well (although even some of them don't fit).
  15. My Batwing is 42" and I can't find a case for it anywhere. So yes, length matters.
  16. Jon scares me, coz if I ever meet him in a guitar playing context, he'll be all "omg my fingers are so ####in fast and know lots of theory! Here's a suspended seventh penis-shaped soundwave molestation in your ears!" and I'll be like "er, I haven't practiced for over a year or even really touched my guitar much...".
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